Are Police Forces around our country gearing up for civil unrest?

Is that why we see so many armored vehicles in Canada? Or am I just getting a little paranoid?

An American writer while traveling around his countryside happened to notice something unusual on their highways. He said it wasn’t uncommon to find military equipment being moved from here to there on their interstates; BUT.

But the writer wrote, there is something different at play here, there not military convoys.

He was so concerned he wrote an article on how many of these specialized trucks called “Armored Vehicles” were being transported up and down their major corridors and some transport trucks turning down old country roads. He had to wonder why — why would you see an armored truck being delivered to a hick town with a population of a thousand people. In his write-up, he wrote that he was quite concerned with the ramifications of what he has seen.

Another author wrote how many police forces around the country are “possibly, maybe” gearing up for significant problems in our society, [civil unrest] he called it… Nah


But that keen observation by that writer was in the United States, and not that many years back.

But every once in awhile in Canada, you will catch a glimpse of one of these armored trucks in our local news. And I always wondered to myself, WHY. I never really given it much thought, but —  that was then.

This article on armored trucks was posted for an interesting story only, I haven’t done much research on the matter and maybe, maybe I should have. Probably because I don’t want to know how many troop carriers are out there in our community? That on its own is like the first writer wrote, it’s worrisome even to think of, and I’m not going down that road, well, until I wrote part two.

Armored trucks are only built and used for out of the ordinary circumstances, like a WAR ZONE.

But when you see small cities, communities buying up these armored trucks like they were 5oo dollar toys, just to transport our troops to a house fire or domestic dispute. ─ Sorry, I mean ─ transporting a few police officers to the crime scene, well, it just seems like overkill, BUT now─ it’s got me wondering.

I would like to think that only bad things happen somewhere else, not in our area. Eh.

These same towns and cities that are buying these armored vehicles, and it’s only my guess, the cost would be up to a 1/4 of a million dollars and that’s for one armored truck ─ small communities can’t afford this kind of expenditure. Never-the-less the maintenance of these brutes.

“Have to get me one of Them.” is the slogan around every city hall in America.

Even if one of these troop carrier “trucks” never seen the outside of a garage ─ they still have to be looked over, checked over, made roadworthy, extra expenses to communities already cash strapped. In my estimation, a needless amount of money spent on Armored Vehicles, just to make them ready for that unexpected phone call of a riot, someplace in your area.

There’s a street rumble on King Street South. ”Get ready, boys. We’re going in!”

BUT —there couldn’t be another reason for purchasing these trucks ─ “Could there?”

Here is a link to my post  on “Second Amendment Gun Rally In Richmond Virginia

I think our Finest have been going to too many policeman balls/ functions and sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly stories over a little ─ “hooch.”

One officer says to the other, “What? You don’t have ONE!!!!  I would hate to think that’s all it takes. Hell, one Mayor from a small town says, we don’t even have full-time firefighters, but we should have one of them babies.

Protect our Police Officers in every possible way, YES, but this Intimating looking Armored Vehicles in Canada!  I’m sorry, I don’t see it.   Eh!

On a lighter funnier Note.

Many years back, there was a bank robbery around the corner from where I worked, I saw two officers speeding by our door, one driving the Harly Davidson Motor Cycle and the other cop in the sidecar holding a shotgun. We have come a long way since that picture was taken.  Eh.


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