Second Amendment Gun Rally in Richmond Virginia


Lawmakers in Virginia are considering revamping and making several law changes to limit gun rights. If passed gun advocates are saying they will not comply with the new laws. They believe the Second Amendment should be upheld at all costs, without any changes, and they’re going to rally in protest.

So the gun rights advocates filled the streets of downtown Richmond and the area around the Virginia statehouse Monday, demanding that lawmakers drop their consideration of the new laws.

One person said: “We ain’t going to turn our guns over. We ain’t going to register our guns. It ain’t happening.

So as the gun rally marched in Virginia in support of gun rights, I have to admit, it was a scary sight to see on the news. In my world “What can go wrong, will go wrong” and I’ve seen a lot of things that could have gone south in that rally.

Second Amendment should be upheld they say.

You know you can’t trust photos, they can be very deceiving. But the pictures did portray a very hostile environment and as I said, it could have gone badly in a very short period of time. Now, the supporting second amendment gun rally has come and gone, and only according to the news outlet, there were no incidents and was a mostly peaceful demonstration.

“We ain’t going to turn our guns over. We ain’t going to register our guns. It ain’t happening.

You have to admit, with all the hi-test hardware that some of these gun activists were wearing, well, it did look like they were ready for war games or … the real deal.

These deceiving pictures, they portrayed these demonstrators as bad guys.

Now being an ordinary person and a little skeptical on the mental well being of mostly …” everybody and anybody around me.” I had to entertain the thought that all it would take would be a prankster with a firecracker going off amongst the crowd and there could have been an all-out war on the streets of Virginia.

Gun Rally in Richmond Virginia over the Second Amendment

As I was starting to say and being I’m Canadian, I cannot see the point of owning so many deadly weapons or any. I don’t have any; especially I never entertain the idea of an assault weapon of any kind. “I have no need.” Unless I’m missing the bigger picture … I don’t need one.

You wouldn’t need a sniper rifle for hunting game, nothing sporting about that, so that’s out… Eh

Looking deeper into the grand scheme of things, maybe smoke a few fine Canadian Marijuana Dubies, and maybe it will all come to me. Maybe?

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BUT, THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER REASON why people have so much deadly hardware. It can’t be because of a 300-year-old law that they are so hard cored in owning a gun.

  • At the time that law was implemented, George Washington wanted everybody to be armed and know how to use the armament in-case of an invasion by a foreign power; I think if I remember my history it was mostly England. Everything is peaceful at the home front with England being kissing cousins with the US now. They’re best buddies.

Today, any foreign entity would have to think twice about landing an invasion force on American soil. The United States citizens are better armed than most countries and maybe that’s a good thing, so that part would never happen, “Maybe that’s the reason.” Nah couldn’t be … could it?

Second Amendment

So what then?  Is it the thinking that my gun is bigger than yours? Is it the power the gun has over a person, and when holding a weapon gives you something different, that you can’t explain, the supremacy it holds over you.

I am not mocking the right to own guns, whatever your hobby is ok.

So this is not mockery by this Canadian blogger, the US citizens are taking owning guns quite serious, but … “I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND”

  • When Donald Trump was asked what he was going to do with all the mass shootings in their schools, he didn’t think long and hard when he said, “WE WILL JUST ARM THE TEACHERS, and probably with bigger guns” Is that’s the answer to the school killings?

Patrick Swazi had a movie out many years ago about that very thought of the U.S being invaded by no less the Russians. Patrick and a bunch of his red neck buddies fought the foreign invaders off, but that was a movie. (Red Dawn) 1984

What then.

First Gun Control and Then People Control.” Is that what they think?

  • 2nd amendmentFirst gun control and then people control; is that what it’s all about? Hell, the government already has every body’s number. Every citizen in the US and in Canada freely gives out all their personal information, “freely.” Free ancestry that dates your family history, good bad or mental.
  • Instagram, Facebook, and all those other popular social media outlets have your profile photos and … all your friends and family photos.
  • You do your banking on a wireless apparatus that can be hacked and supposedly is all the time. The GPS in your cell phones keep track of where you’ve been and where you’re going.
  • Your car squeals on you when you run a red light or are in an accident. I was doing the speed limit officer when this guy came out of the blue. Right the cop says. Your car computer says you were doing 150 in a 60. You lie and your F#@&%*d. Hell, we gave our rights away a long time ago.

So it can’t be government control. They already have our number and profile.  What then?

Another guy says, “I’m a patriotic American,  “The left is going so far left right now.”

A family member from the US was up to Canada for a visit, as the gun issue was brought up at a family gathering, he said, Americans will forget their lunch. “But they never forget their gun.”

Sorry, you lost me, as a Canadian I still don’t understand. But that’s cool, I don’t live there, and I don’t have to understand.

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Good luck with the Second Amendment and the gun law, we probably won’t see the last of these rallies.