Does Time Have an Expiration Date?

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The question is, does everything have an expiry date? Surely you must have given it a little thought. You must have noticed many things come and go in your life. It had to have crossed your mind at least once. Does time itself have an expiry date? I think, yes.

author of sixpaque.caThe question is, is there a universal cosmic rule? If there is a beginning, there must be an end.

 Does that rule even have a timeline? Interesting thought, though!

Take a look at America’s most valuable companies from 100 years ago, and you’ll hardly recognize most of them today. Meatpacker Armour & Co. ceased operations in 1983. Agricultural machinery-maker International Harvester broke up in 1985. Go back 50 years, and the list looks more familiar: Blackberry Cell Phone, IBM, has fallen from the perch it once sat on in the late 1960s. Sears & Roebuck, Eastman Kodak is no longer with us or in the same sense “Kodak moments” nice slogan. The once famous Schneider’s Meats was bought out. It was gone as you remembered it.

Does time itself have an expiry date?

As a part-time horologist and blogger, I get my inspiration from the weirdest of places and, I blame my past time hobby for writing this post.

“Does time itself have an expiry date?”

  • By the way, a Horologist is a person that repairs clocks and timepieces.

So, I’m starting to repair old clocks as a hobby, and I’m noticing the pendulum was not balanced. It swings one way but not the same distance as the other. I do a little adjusting and a little balancing and voila ─ I got it!

  • And of course, everyone knows when to adjust an old pendulum-style clock. You can adjust the case until you hear that perfect “tic.tock.tick.tock” sound. NOT tic…pause….tock. anyway—

But having watched it swing back and forth, the pendulum hits its extreme position and turns around, and goes the other way. It reminded me of my mother’s old saying,” don’t get rid of that “WHATEVER” because it will be back in style one day.” And after all these years, again, everyone knows that it is a fact.

Can that mean, “History could repeat itself?”

Can that mean history will repeat itself and life as we know it will reach a specific point in time and turn around and come back the other way? Maybe something has outdone itself and expired and got renewed with new and improved anything? The life cycle of nature or a cosmos rule of nature or maybe —  it’s just as simple as, my designer clothes will be back in style one day  — and, for no other reason. My mother thought everything repeated itself.

The question is, does everything have an expiry date?

Food, car seats, etc. everything today has an expiry date, and we deliberately put expiry dates on products for a good reason, but man has done that intentionally.  Is it because deep down inside us, we know that there is a beginning and an end to everything, and it was naturally easy to label our products? We all know that to be true. If you think of it in terms of a person’s life cycle, we were born, and we will die, sad but true. Where there is a beginning, there is an end. Does time itself have an expiry date? Scary thought. The Brits, years ago, said the sun never sets on the English Empire. Can they say the same today?

Gone, like there was a universal expiry date.

The greats like the  Ottoman, English Empire, Mayans, and Atlanteans, if you believe in that story, are all gone, like it was just a small part of earth’s history, gone. Now, this is a new chapter into man’s beginning, and maybe, with the climate changing … “without a man.” Like I said earlier, big corporations at one time, seemed to be untouchable, and are now out of business. Some, with thousands of employees that had their jobs, expired. Does the planet have an expiry date? That’s another scary thought. But, if we’re going down this road ─ does it?


And if that’s the case, there’s too much hoopla over climate change and global warming that in fact — we can’t do much about it.  Nature is going to do some house cleaning, and humans are on their sites. Is that even possible?

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Some maybe refer to that thought as global warming, so it’s a life cycle the earth goes through every so many thousands of years. Today, the average person can call the weather changes to anything they want. Climate change, global warming always comes to mind in today’s thinking. We will blame it on polluters. Call it what you will, is it possible? Maybe we are going through a normal, natural cosmic cycle where there is a beginning, there is an end.

Is there an expiry date for the earth itself?

The pendulum effect as I call it, swings back and forth, waking a new movement through the air every time it swings. That’s a natural rhythm, back and forth. Food for thought, Eh! Or, and this could be a long shot, maybe it just means what my mother said,” don’t get rid of those white spots from the 30s (shoes) because they will be back in style one day.” Anyway, it’s not like we’re going to change our history or destiny any time soon. If it is a universal cosmic rule, there is not much you can do about it.

If It Is Climate Change, “Let’s Do Something About It.”


Me, I’ve been smoking too many Fine Canadian dubbies, and, I think, I have been watching that pendulum move back in forth too many times. BACK AND FORTH, Back And Forth. Back and forth. Far ─ far too many times. I’m getting a new hobby. Eh!

Is there an expiry date for the earth itself? Maybe?

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