Estate Auction Finds

    Auction time in the big smoke

Auction time in the big smoke and all the online information was intriguing enough that we planned on attending. The night before the auction I downloaded all the pictures/ information and did little research to get set for the next day. It does look to be a good auction. A few hours to go before I hit the sack and I picked up my favorite book to read, Killer Stuff and Tons of Money.  Very interesting read on flea markets and antiquing. through the eyes of one main character and the author.Excellent Book on Antiques

In this one chapter, he talks about this old hard to find 6 board blanket chest/box. I’m reading this article like it was my last will and testament. We live in an old order Mennonite community and it is possible I will run into one of these boxes and as the story goes, the ordinary settlers had all their belongings in one of these chests as they immigrated to the new world, it’s (not mistaken for steamer trunks) These chests were crude, and probably not very stylish, but, did the job.

The old Wooden chest just like in the book

author with a coronavirus on maskAfter a good night’s sleep, off we went. The auction had many antiques and collectibles, just what we’re looking for but this old rough looking pile of lumber caught my eye and Na … couldn’t be an old wood chest. It had all the makings of being old, rough saw marks on the underside of the wood, hand-cut dovetail construction/joints, old handmade steel, and forged hinges. A very nice 6 boarded chest with a small tray on the inside. A very acceptable condition, this was a nice find.

Knowing that it was old I didn’t have enough time to do my research on the box……. Short of the article in the book, I know nothing about this style of chest.

The auction had started and my mind was totally on that chest and  “most of the antiques went too high anyway” After 2 hours the auction helpers went around the chest, to the other corner of the building, then the other corner, then they started selling cups and the saucers separately and still my chest sits there.

Why is it always the last item

Finally up it comes and now we’re in the bidding mode. Nobody started the bidding and that could be a good sign, so I started the bid and then there was another, If you have ever been to an auction, you know how it goes. I lost the bid … that extra $10… well, maybe. What are the chances that it was the same 6 board blanket chest that I read about in the book????? … We’ll never know.

“The moral of the story”:

Should have, Could have… BUT DIDN’T,

“but I still have my money”.

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