Armored trucks in Canada Why ?

Are Police Forces around our country gearing up for civil unrest?

Is that why we see so many armored vehicles in Canada? Or am I just getting a little paranoid?

author with a coronavirus on maskAn American writer while traveling around his countryside happened to notice something unusual on their highways. He said it wasn’t uncommon to find military equipment being moved from here to there on their interstates; BUT.

But the writer wrote, there is something different at play here, there not military convoys.

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Truck Mechanic VS Computer Guru

Truck Mechanic VS Computer Guru

Making a blog site does not come easy. It’s not like my family are computer gurus, and just maybe, some of the smarts rubbed off or could at very least helped me when I need to understand something. ..,. Nope nobody! So I’ll learn to make a website on my own.

All Girls Car Club, “no guys allowed”  LINK

authors photoSure, I could PAY somebody, but there’s no fun in that. Anyway, how does a person learn if somebody does it for you?

As a seasoned truck mechanic, the mechanical way of thinking is the complete opposite end of the scale of the people who designed the web’s wonderful world.

We, mechanical technicians, believed that when an engineer designed a car, they installed the engine first, and then they jammed the body over the top, giving no or little thought to the fellow that had to work in that tiny hole.

In problem-solving, unless I’m familiar with the issue, I find it very helpful to try and think outside the box; try to understand how the makers/designers think, and I see in most cases that’s all I needed. Rearrange my thinking.

Truck Mechanic VS Computer Guru, we think different 

The people that thought up this wondrous thing on the web, well, must have been smoking some nasty stuff.

They are thinking then, and now they seem to go out of their way to make things more difficult. The KISS rule is a thing of the past. “Keep It Simple, Stupid”

Making this site takes a lot of energy out of me that I was saving for doing other things, but I will persevere and figure it out.

Once I understand the terminology, decipher that entire web (information overload and sometimes very useless information), I will build it, and they will come. And where did I read that, anyway?

So the advertisement states!

“Make your website in 20 easy minutes”…… Right!!

I will give these people one thing, My training a way of thought is so much different, SO I’ll have to think like them, smoke some Jamaican Gold, and it will all come to me. …. I will get it.

“No pain, no gain.”

But in our family, the hand-me-downs, traits of my parents, will hopefully do me justice; making this site is one thing, but having something to say, well, that WILL come naturally.

So stay with me. I will beat this thing, and there will be growing pains, changes as I go, and with all the help of with the

Ten million Plug-ins, how can I go wrong. Eh

A plug-in for this, a plug-in for that, and my all-time favorite is a plug-in (computer program) that will grade my content to be good enough for a (human) to read. Let’s see if I got this, A computer will grade your content to see if it’s (good, bad, or ugly) enough for humans to read or other computers to rate it, and that s on their computer rating system or something like that.

You have to ask yourself. Who is running Who!

Told ya ….. I have a long way to go.

I will share this example of thinking differently,

I took flying lessons in a Cessna 150, and the instructor told me to go higher (more fuel). I pulled the throttle out, and down we went; instead of up, we went down.

Working on old trucks and equipment, to speed the engine up, you pull the throttle out, the exact opposite in a small airplane. And I better get them right the next time!

Thanks for asking … I’m still here and ready for a new adventure.

I hope making a website is not as dangerous.

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