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A few years back I wanted to start my own web site. I wanted to speak my mind to the world and blogging was the direction I wanted to go, so I needed a web hosting service… I think.  It was suggested to me to go with a Canadian provider like Canspace Web Hosting Solutions.

“Well, I wasn’t sure what I needed or where to go, but Canspace Web Provider is Canadian.”

Checking online for other compatible and economical web hosting services I had no trouble finding a dozen or so to choose from. I found them all to be in the same price range, given the difference in American funds to the Canadian Dollar. The specs seemed to be the same with Canspace for what little knowledge I had building a web site.

So being “I Am Canadian” the biggest difference was that Canspace is all Canadian. That to me was the deciding factor.

I inquired to Canspace Web Service helpline, asking them what level they recommended for a new blogger on the block.

Should I get the cheaper version (starter) or something that had a bunch of $10 words behind them? Now remember one thing, even after all these years, blogging and knowing my way around the World Wide Web, I still don’t understand all the numbers, terminology and everything else they use just to confuse the average person.

But I was reassured by the staff at Canspace that the starter program would suffice for a new blogger until you get started on the web.  They also mentioned if by luck you needed more space or more upgrades, then that was still no problem. They can upgrade your service at any time to meet your growing needs.

Now looking at what they had to offer compared to the competition from the States, there was no different except I’m buying Canadian.

It was also noted that 83 % of Canadians prefer shopping .CA

.CA  stands for Canada, .com is basically American, .ru is Russia. You get the idea.

Yeah, some offer a free domain name, which is only worth $10 a year, or more physical space, but overall apples are apples. The US sites were compatible, but… they weren’t Canadian.

Now saying all that, I still worried about service, and like I said, being a new guy on the block, I know I will have questions and, lots more questions.

  • Some of these web host sites boast how fast their turn around helpline is, but you really don’t know until you have already signed up and then you find all your hard work done to your site is down “down for a day” only to find the cheaper web host service is doing housecleaning/maintenance on their end, which affects your end.

So I’m writing this review because Canspace Web Solutions do have a fast turn-around helpline. That is especially important to me. At one point I was using their helpline so much we were on a first-name basis. and They always stayed professional and willing to help me any time I needed it.

So yeah, they were more than helpful with all my questions. I am totally happy with Canspace and with their professional guidance all these years. Yes, I am still pleased.

As you see at the bottom of the post I give them 5 happy faces.

This is an affiliate link, and by saying all these nice things about Canspace Solutions and of coerce their helpful service, I might get a small retainer. But having said that, I only write reviews on products I personally use and will endorse with a good conscience.

If you entertained the idea of starting your own blog for personal reasons or your intent to be a stay at home mom and make some extra money, check out this number #1 Web Hosting Service.

Well, I hope my REVIEW on Canspace Web Host Provider helped you decide.

Here is some extra information on Canspace Solutions that I didn’t know.

Powered by Green Energy

All servers from CanSpace are powered entirely by 100% Canadian-generated green energy. Power comes directly from the Beauharnais Hydro-electric generating station in Quebec, Canada.

The data center was also architecturally designed to not use air conditioning. Instead of using eco proprietary cooling technology, they developed in-house.

What does this mean for web hosting clients? It means that in addition to supporting the Canadian energy sector, and by choosing an all Canadian web hosting service, and of course, choosing CanSpace, you are also choosing to have a green carbon footprint to help with the global warming issue, and bonus, it’s Canadian!

Can the other web hosting sites say the same?

Web Hosting Starter Plan

5 GB Secure Disk Space

10 Mailbox Users

15 GB Monthly Bandwidth

5 MySQL Databases

Starting From

$4.99/mo Canadian

Compare, “Canspace is not much different than the other guys.” Except, they’re all Canadian. Eh!

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Start off the New Year by #Blogging.

I give it a 5 star rating and so does everybody else.
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