Canadian Born Adam Macleod, The story of Miracle Healing

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Canadian Born Adam McLeod, The story of Miracle Healing

daves-post-time photoThis is a product review of a DreamHealer Series of five  SELF-HEALING BOOKS. Canadian Born Adam McLeod and the story of Miracle Healing.  This review should be a no-brainer because I believe in what he shares with the public. The five books are written in a way to make people aware of their own self-healing powers through “intent.” These books can make a difference to their own well-being and, the product review on these self-healing books, STARTS HERE.

Adam Macleod was born in British Columbia Canada and is a world-renowned lecturer and author of five bestselling SELF HEALING BOOKS, DVDs, and e-books. The subjects include Self Empowerment and Natural Healing through Intent.

  • It sounds like a lot absorb but he believes that the power inside you will keep you Healthy.  Adam McLeod wants to show you how through these five bestseller books and his sold-out around the world tour workshops.

His many books have been rewritten in 25 different languages and sold threw-out 35 countries. Like I said he holds workshops around the world to teach people the power of self-healing.

As a person that has heard of this Canadian Adam for years, I finally had the opportunity to go to one of his workshops when it comes to Toronto. It was a sold-out crowd of at least 20,000 people. During a time-out period, it gave me an opportunity to interview a few people in the audience. One person said she has been to many of his seminars/workshops and believes that Adam would sooner show people that the power inside you heals through intent.

Adam Macleod Dream Healer series of books.

Adam first noticed he had the gift to heal at a very early age. (Read his story here) So at the age of 16, he wrote his first book and for the next 15 years has been presented at conferences around the world.

Even at that early age, he wanted to share his ability with as many people as he could, even though today he does private sessions and long-distance healing, He’s a natural-born healer with a simple message that you can help heal yourself.

He shows people’s self-empowerment and the ability people have for their own body healing. Another message he tries to tell everyone is, “Intention Heals” It is one of his book titles, that’s important.

He has a following, which is a nasty word, but he has many people believing that self-help is the alternative method of healing to conventional medicine. And if people just believe that, then it is possible that is the first step of healing and keeping yourself healthy.  “Believing

Adam Macleod is now a Doctor of Naturopathic and with many credentials under his belt. He is a volunteer doctor to rural communities in northern British Columbia, Canada, and you can see his website here.

So this is my take on  Dreamhealer’s product review:

I believe in self-empowerment, and I have personally been to Adam Macleod Seminars. So would I recommend alternative medicine or any alternative to prescription drugs? I say yes. Do I recommend the Dreamhealers Series of books to read? Absolutely! They are a must-read and reasonably priced.

Having read his books and attended his seminars/workshops I give him five happy faces.

  • As a review on these book Titles, I give him 5 happy faces
  • Overall reader’s reviews gave him 4 smiles.
  • Overall his message is clear, “Only for those that belief is it possible”

Dream Healer Series to his credit  

#1 DreamHealer

#2 DreamHealer 2 A Guide to healing and self Empowerment

#3 Intentional Heals

#4 The path of a Dream Healer

#5 Integrative Cancer Care the power of being informed

An American Visitor Review … I think Adam is great, I had the opportunity to see him in 2008 when he came to NJ. His seminar was packed I had to stand until an usher found a seat for me. I did talk to him after the seminar and found him to be such a nice young man, a little on the humble side also. I use his DVD as I have various health problems and I find them helpful. I definitely believe in the power of healing yourself through positive thinking and visualization. Recommend his books, I have several, and the DVD for anyone who needs to heal themselves and doesn’t want to go on drugs which is the norm in our society today.

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