Reacting to Death is a Funny Thing

Stand up and SAY something Nice, you will be sorry if you don’t.

authors photoHow do you react to someone passing, dying, are you cool, are you a handler, a person that can adjust to any given situation, even death to somebody close, someone special.

We have, like most folks, seen our share of friends, neighbours, and family pass on to the other side. Never gets any easier, and certainly, it’s not something you get used to. In some cases, the guilt sets in should have said something, done something different.

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I will never have that special time back again, never to say what you should have said.

Many years back, a complete family, good friends of ours, perished in a house fire. I remember the funeral and the service like it was yesterday. As I’m making my way outside to compose myself, maybe shed a few tears. I remember saying: I should have gone up front to say a few words, I should have in front of all those people said a few kind words, but chose not to.

Reacting to death is a funny thing and we all handle it differently.

Outside these 2 young fellas were telling jokes and laughing. I said to the one young man, this is a very bad time to be making funnies.

As I get older I have been to too many of these services and none are getting any easier, but I have noticed that everybody acts differently.

I myself act differently towards death, in different situations, young, old, sick, seems to make a difference in how I or my body handles their passing. I’m a little more tolerant in my years with the joke-telling, and I have to think that I’m not so judgmental anymore about people that, look that they show no feeling or any emotions and you have to believe that everybody is hurting inside, for you just wouldn’t hang out at these places.

Putting on a brave face is just a brave face, certainly telling jokes at a funeral was out, but even now I look at that differently.

 We all handle DEATH differently.

I have had many very close family members pass on and I miss them all dearly, and sometimes like most people, I would have done things differently given a Second Chance, and most times it just doesn’t work that way.

Everybody handles Funerals, Celebration of life differently but, if the opportunity arises, that you can stand up, say a few words of kindness about that person you miss already. Try, no matter how difficult you think it may be.  Say some words, talk about fun times, good times, people that are at the service will totally understand if you think you’re going to make  mistakes, They’ll look at you and say to themselves how brave you are and in the same breath, I should go up and say something, anything but chose ….  “Not-too”

If you just turned 50 years old, read this article if you dare!

At some point in your life, it will cross your mind that you could have but didn’t.

So … “THERE was your Second Chance.”

You can pay no better tribute to a person that you loved, respected, or “you miss already.”

If you think there’s a message in this post, there is, “For Somebody.”

“And NO … There’s nothing funny about DEATH”

Dedicated to my Daughter Shelley that passed away far too soon.

2 Brothers, Mother, Father, and now a sister.  Will see you all sometime.


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