Bonaventure the last Canadian Aircraft Carrier

HMCS Bonaventure

The aircraft carrier “HMCS Bonaventure” from 1957 to 1970 and was the third and the last aircraft carrier to serve Canada. It was Initially laid down for England as “HMS Powerful “as part of the second batch of the Colossus class ships ordered during the Second World War. Construction on the vessel was suspended in May 1946 following the end of the Second World War, and the hull was laid up incomplete at a Belfast Northern Ireland shipyard.

Replacing the aged HMCS Magnificent with the newer Bonaventure. 

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A Fairy Tale of Canada

Once upon a time in a northern Dominion called Canada, there was a thriving oil industry that provided fuel for vehicles, trains and airplanes.  There was also a large natural gas industry that kept the people warm during the long cold winters and supplied the raw material for plants that manufactured plastics, detergents, fertilizer, synthetic clothing and a great many other items needed and used by people every day.

how carbon cycle works

That oil and natural gas industry employed more than a million people and its exports (link)

were the biggest contributor to the county’s international balance of payments. People

working in the industry were proud that their operations were among the most

technically advanced and environmentally responsible in the world.

Then a report written by a scientific advisory group called the INTERNATIONAL PANEL on

CLIMATE CHANGE was published, stating that the earth was warming and carbon-dioxide emissions from burning ‘fossil fuels’ were the likely cause.   And so it came to be that lowering emissions of the very substance that plants need to breath in the same way as animals need oxygen, and that provides the fizz in soda drinks and the bubbles in champagne, became the world’s most important environmental priority.

Suddenly, after fueling the world’s progress for centuries, oil, natural gas and coal became environmental pariahs.   Eco-elves flew in from far and wide to proclaim Canada’s oil and gas industry is a major contributor to global warming.   But in the real world, the industry contributed just a small part of Canada’s emissions, and Canada’s emissions were only two per cent of global emissions.

Nations of the world gathered together in the magical Kingdom of Japan and promised they would reduce the use of fossil fuels.  But a decade later, fossil-fuel emissions had gone up, not down. So, world leaders gathered in the French Fifth Republic to once again pledge reduction of fossil fuels. But even as world leaders announced this pledge, three dozen countries, including two with more than a third of the people in the world, continued to build hundreds of new coal-fired power plants. Coal was already the biggest source of carbon dioxide and those new plants would raise coal emissions by another 40 per cent.

Marvel Avenger RC Helicopters

That meant that, even if Canada were to disappear into stardust, its tiny share of global emissions would be replaced in a matter of months. Amazingly, these realities mattered not to Canada’s starry-eyed prime minister, who vowed that his little northern country would set an example to the world.

His paladins imposed special taxes on the users of fossil fuel, creating hardship for the people while also weakening the dominion’s competitive position with its largest trading partner. The prime minister journeyed to the main oil and gas producing province, hoping to use his imagined charisma to convince workers worried about losing their jobs that ‘phasing-out’ their industry was necessary to stop global warming. People asked the prime minister what was to replace all that fossil fuel energy?


But the people knew that the wind only blew some of the time. And that, in this northern land Alternative energy

with little sunlight during short winter days and none on long cold nights when energy is needed most, solar was useless.   And the government had not learned from experience in a province called Ontario, where billions of dollars spent on green energy had yielded only small amounts of very expensive and unreliable power that needed back-up fossil-fuel power plants to prevent . . . black-outs.

The folly of relying on green energy was undeniable, but, alas, neither the eco-elves nor the prime minister took heed. Neither did they face the truth that trying to force down Canada’s already tiny global emissions would hamstring the country’s most important industry only to have its fossil-fuel production, and emissions, replaced by buying production in US$ or from other countries such as Saudi Arabia.

  The prime minister and his paladins remained convinced their green dream (LINK) would come true, if only they believed. So, this fairy tale of doing good for the world became a nightmare for this small northern dominion.

“Sadly, the rest of the world didn’t even care”.

Author Unknown


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Moving to Canada

Map of CanadaCanada is classified as the great white North, and whoever put that label on us,


GREAT WHITE NORTH”  in the winter and NORTH of our “friends” to the south.

Here is the trick to living in Canada, and if it’s the winter that scares you, you just have to dress for it, that’s all you have to do. The weather, depending on where you live in great Canada, can change drastically. In the winter it could be a balmy 40 deg.  to -25 deg.  But we all survive the cold. We just dress for the occasion.

 (Photo link) So, you’re Moving to Beautiful Canada, Eh! 

On another note, when living in Canada in the winter, you can always put more clothing on to stay warm, but there is only so much clothing you can take off in the hot weather.

Another part to living in Canada in the winter is, sure it’s cold, SUCK IT UP WUSS (buttercup).  We have in our great land diversity in winter sports activities like skating, tobogganing with your family,etc. What better way to get to know your kids and actually go out and have fun with them.


Ice skating rinks, back yard rinks, and the thousands of lakes that have frozen over,all there to skate on.There is  snowmobiling, walking trails that stretch for 100 of miles, nice fresh clean air to breathe. What’s not to like!

Most of the world portrays Canada as a cold baron land where most of the land mass is covered in snow 6 months of the year, or, most of us still live in igloos. The people in the world must have mistaken Canada for Siberia, and in case you don’t know your geography, that’s in “Russia”.

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Some of our real far up northern brothers might stay in touch with nature, but that’s their traditional right, but even they are starting to modernize.

Moving to Canada

Our American brothers think Canada is where all the cold weather comes from. cold weather comes from AlaskaAgain, another misconception. It comes from Alaska.

We have one of the largest economies in the world. Canada has the second largest land mass. We have 250,000 lakes and islands. We are one of the safest growing countries in the world to live in and there is  no safer place to bring up your Families.


We have the finest universities and schooling in the world. People from around the world send all their kids to our universities.

Canada is one of the few countries that are known for versatility in religion, culture, etc. and accept  all ways of life.

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear of thousands of  people going to extremes to immigrate into the United States and I always ask this question to myself . . .


It can’t be the weather. In most part their northern part of the U.S. is as cold as ours, and yes,in a day’s drive you can hit nicer weather. So what! It takes us a day and a half to drive to the U.S.’s nicer weather.

So what’s the problem?

I would move to Canada . . .  if I didn’t already live here. Eh!

(link to photos)


  • Beautiful Seasonal Weather.
  • Diversity.
  • Generations of immigrants have received a warm welcome to Canada. …
  • Good stable economy
  • Cost of living is at par
  • Healthcare. …
  • Friendly people.
  • Free from wars and famine
  • Freedom to travel to any part of our great land “sea to sea”


An other Misconception post link.                                                   




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Canada the 51st State of America


Signing of USMCA

Complements of CNN NEWS

Yes it’s finally over. The NAFTA is a done deal. I think it would have been simpler to make Canada the 51st State of America. But the old term “NAFTA” is signed, sealed and delivered, or is it?

AbeBooks Weird Book Room

Donald Trump calls it a new and improved USMCA deal and changed the old version of the outdated NAFTA to something more to his liking. Of course Mexico calls it MCUSA, CANADIANS call it CMUSA. In case you haven’t figured it out, the “C “stands for Canada. Eh!

(link) Day after Nafta.

Whatever they call it, the deal is done, RIGHT ??

Now if it wasn’t for the Donald Trump bad mouthing all of his “past friends”, trading partners. I would never have gone down this dark alley.


After doing research on my new book “Untold Story” of Avro Arrow, Avro Arrow Untold Storywhich is due out shortly, I would not have known to what extent the rocky history Canada and the United States has had, (well )  I suspected?

Still to this day, things haven’t changed much behind the scenes.As a Canadian, yes we have heard rumors of past US , Canadian dealings, and yes everything you read in this country is American produced.  y But Canadians always looked the other way. As the saying goes, “swept under the carpet” Some of our Prime Ministers tried swaying us away ever so slowly from that US bulling and mentality but, there is SLOW and then there is sloooow. So as the new  NAFTA deal is in place, you know behind the US Canada deal, it will be in the US favor.

At one point Europeans thought we were the 51st State of America, and that was many years back.

Now, why would anybody think any different of our two countries? Our societies are intertwined like 2 peas in a pod. We all have relatives on both sides of the border and our economies have been linked forever. We all know when the US sneezes, Canadians come down with a cold. Many of our Canadian citizens have duel US passports. A big part of our Canadian government is run by politicians born in the US, so why would the rest of the world think any different?

That’s the problem. People around the world must question why is the US treating Canadians this way? How can we trust the US if that’s the way they treat their “brothers”?

In beautiful city of Amsterdam Netherlands I ask a shopkeeper to send me a box of those fine cigars that he was selling “Where you would like them sent?” he asked. Canada, I said. He thought for a moment and said we don’t send anything to AMERICA. I assume he was referring to the United States. “No you got it wrong, CANADA I said.” “It’s all the same to me.”


So doing some research on my upcoming book, and we all know, one door opens another, and then another. It was taking me down a dark alley of the shady, behind the scenes dealings with our “brothers” to the south. Maybe Trump would chalk it up to “That’s only Business.” Eh!

I’m starting to realize that only Canadians think of the US as our brothers. I’m not sure if they consider us the same way. We’ve all heard these jokes ……. “Canadians still live in Igloo’s” And here is a good one, “Canada is where all the cold weather comes from” I can take a silly joke like everybody else, but I’m starting to see that maybe it wasn’t a joke. The Americans do think we live in Igloos and are pushovers, with a “lead the lamb to the slaughter” mentality.

Please follow this link and read my post on “Political Interference”.

Americans through the years have very subtly steered and pushed Canadians in a direction of their choosing. Like I said, we all have seen changes in our world and it’s mostly in the US favor. The funny thing is, when Donald Trump says to his followers, “Canadians are taking full advantage of the United States of America “Hospitality” That’s totally, false.

The US President with his threats is a wake-up call, that all Canadians need to hear or we could just consider the #2 option.

#2 OPTION, Canada the 51st State of America.

In order to write  the “Untold Story” book with as much accuracy as possible, I had to go back at least 70 years in history. Times were different then, the mood on both sides of the boarder was different. Like I wrote in one of my other posts, crossing the border from either side was an inconvenience at best. So yeah, things have changed.

But the story just keeps getting better.

Today the NAFTA or USMCA as Trump calls it is like déjàvu with two rocky personalities, Trump and our Prime Minister Trudeau. One titan clashes against the other, the US does not like to lose, or being pushed around, and … the US wants to do the pushing.

In my research,  (link) John F Kennedy, showed in public, his total dislike for our former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.  JFK ridiculed our former PM most times, every chance he got and not behind the scenes, but in public no less and that was 60 years ago. He JFK & J Diefenbakerridiculed our former Prime Minister in one hand and asked for help to ward off his arch enemy over the Arctic in the other and in the same sentence. Very few people in this world have the knack of doing such a thing, and with a straight face. Apparently JFK had that talent.

“The rumor goes, the bitterness came from John Diefenbaker German Heritage no less, which I really found interesting, knowing the JFK Ich bin Berliner speech..

So, its official, President Kennedy, sad to say, is off my list of favorite Presidents list, and it’s getting shorter. So, does history repeat itself or maybe things have never changed.


Canadians are starting to be aware and certainly, some of the ugliness would never have come to the forefront at a dinner table if it wasn’t for the US Leader Donald Trump’s unprofessional rederick with Canada, which surely is not becoming from any world Statesman.

We would, like all Canadians “and where really famous for doing” swept the rederick under the rug, and, let him be, he’s just having a bad hair day … Eh!

Yes we have been trading partners, “brothers” forever, and maybe like Donald Trump said, the gravy train is over and it’s time for Canada to step up to the plate.

But maybe Canada should start thinking of different options. I am relatively pleased with our PM Justin Trudeau. He, at face value, looks to be fighting for the rights of all Canadians and if he and his government would stop giving away Millions of dollars to all the (LINK) Omar Khadrs in this country, we could perhaps have enough money left to design, implement, build and learn new ideas for Canada’s future. Maybe we can be leaders on the world stage again. Or maybe he in the end is a follower like most of our other Prime Ministers. You be the judge.

If you see a wolf at the door in sheep’s clothing and he whispers sweet nothings in your ear, “We will take care of you good buddy”, close the door in his face.

Canada, the 51st State of America.

And for the rest of Canada, GOOGLE  “NonProliferation Treaty”  interesting read on how Canada’s hands are tied by the U.S.

One last note on some of our woes in Canada, Yes I believe that we have been pushed around and yes our Prime Ministers have fallen under the spell of the United States and kept us under their mercy as long as I can remember. But that’s OK. We are brothers. . . RIGHT?

Canada being the 51st State of America would save a lot of cross border problems, but I think the U.S. should be our 13th Province or Territory of Canada. That sounds even better. Eh!


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