Freedom 55 Just Sucks


freedom 55 billboardThere advertise Freedom 55. Getting up in the morning, you have to roll yourself out of bed, almost afraid to do any mundane things. I’m saying to myself, “I’m pretty comfortable in my bed, but I can’t stay here all day. … I don’t have any aches or pains if I stay right here.”

Someday you have to even worry about tieing your own shoes, for it might throw my back out, and then, you’ll get your wish! “Stay in bed.” This Freedom 55 just doesn’t work for me.

I have places to go, people to see … things to do,

 I don’t have time for this Freedom 55 shit!.

I was going to say in most cases, but it’s like in all cases, the mind is willing but the body just isn’t.

Sure you can do the aerobics thing, do your brisk walk through the park, and yeah, 5000 footsteps a day should keep you fit, Eh!

But the hard reality is, your body is just getting older and worn out and there’s not much you can do in that department.

Time waits for no man.

All through life we all have given the “age thing” at least a passing thought. I’ll never be that old the way my lifestyle is. I can’t see myself living past 35 years. No sir, not me.

But time has a way of creeping up on you. Before you know it, you’re there (and only if you’re really lucky).  SO, Life is going pretty fast and just seems to, well, just pick up speed. It seems like yesterday we did this, NO! That was 2 years ago you did that whatever thing.

My famous saying would be,” look at that old guy” and my wife would interrupt my sentence and say…” have you looked in the mirror lately?” NO, I’m too scared to. Ha! Ha!

 SO, Does age really matter?

My dog (Six-Paque) and I went for a walk through the park. We’ve had our dog a lot of years, but who’s counting time. Coming back from our walk he had to stop and rest, and even then it didn’t register, maybe he did it for me, maybe I needed to stop and catch my breath. Who knows?

But this one day we went for a walk and I turned over to look at my buddy and saw this old guy walking beside me. It was my dog. Then I knew how old he was. He passed away not long after that walk.

I too looked into the mirror and saw this old guy. But I’m not ready to pack it in yet.

I guess we have no complaints. Our dog shouldn’t have any complaints either, for he lived a good life.  We’ve done a lot of things, went a lot of places and we’re still a relatively healthy family, even if I have to roll out of bed to get up.

BUT … “I blame it on the bed anyway; it’s 3 ft off the ground”.bed high off the ground

I wonder if most people can say the same about doing things they ALWAYS WANTED to do. You know, you can’t depend on next year, or tomorrow to do that “whatever thing”.  IF YOU CAN do it now, don’t wait for the freedom 55 to come around…

“Let’s get doing it”. You can’t leave this place with regrets of any kind. Remember, TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN.


And no, I don’t see an old man in the mirror. I SEE ME.

Thanks for asking!