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Collapsible handle shovel

This Product Review is for the Ultimate Survival Technologies U-Dig-It Extreme Shovel from Amazon

This is why you should have one.

This is only one of the must-have emergency items, tools you should have in your car in case of a mishap or accident. I’ve reviewed a few safety items found on Amazon and my choices can be seen at this link shown here.

But this particular ARTICLE is on different types of “SNOW SHOVELS.” and what to buy for emergency use. This topic on shovels you would think would be a no brainer; however, there are so many different styles out there to choose from.

But the one I would recommend is ‘Ultimate Survival Technologies U-Dig-It Extreme Shovel” from Amazon.

And this is why I choose Ultimate Survival Technologies U-Dig-It Extreme Shovel over a few others.

As I looked over all these shovels and not giving it a thought of how many there were, I started comparing Apples to Apples.

After narrowing down and eliminating all the different shovels for ONLY home use, we came across the collapsible, telescopic type for an occasional one time shovel and that’s the kind to be looking for “A pretty case to store them in would be a bonus but not a selling point for me.”

Now we all know a fold-up shovel is not designed for everyday use, there for convenience. So the ones you’re looking for are the collapsible type, and hopefully you never have to use it, but on that occasion where it’s needed, it’s there, ready to do its part.

Snow Shovels come in:

  1. Rubber grip handles.
  2. Plastic or aluminum bodies and handles.
  3. Steel cutter blade for the scraping ice.
  4. Some come with a wide shovel blade for picking up more snow.
  5. Smaller shovel blade, less snow and less weight.
  6. Military fold-up shovel for summer and winter use with case, but they have a smaller shovel head for snow. (That I like the best, but not practical for the snow. But I like um anyway.

Remember, digging light fluffy snow is different than digging a fire pit at a campsite.

In the end, you have to choose, but I recommend for your vehicle or Car emergency shovel, look for something strong and collapsible and, I personally would sway towards a lightweight aluminum shovel, like this one I picked from Amazon. Ultimate Survival Technologies U-Dig-It Extreme Shovel, but, it does come with a case.

  • If you’re stuck in the snow, you won’t care about its looks or weight. “Just, get me out of here.”

But you will have to carry it around in your car for that unpleasant time, and tucked away in your trunk until then.

    1. Lightweight
    2. Foldaway with extendable handle.
    3. Durable
    4. This is my recommended emergency shovel.

    Different style shovels can be bought for around the $40.oo price

    Remember, if you’re the type of person that gets stuck often, I recommend a few things, but… a household durable shovel that’s made for heavy-duty use … that would be my choice.

‘So is a shovel a shovel is a shovel, not really.”

They all can be bought through Amazon.Ca or Amazon.Com

Amazon Product Description

The U-Dig-It Extreme Shovel is a lightweight aluminum shovel that collapses to fit easily into your trunk. This collapsible handle shovel is light in weight but heavy-duty in performance.With this integrated telescoping handle makes it easy to store yet practical to use. The large blade makes quick work of tough jobs. The U-Dig-It Extreme is perfect for snow removal and clearing debris with a 4.5-star rating

Ultimate Survival Technologies U-Dig-It Extreme Shovel

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So there you have it, “My take on snow shovels for your Car.” And another product review on Ultimate Survival Technologies U-Dig-It Extreme Shovel buy through Amazon.Ca or

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