Model trains a hobby or considered a collection?

buildings used for model train setups

The advertisement reads,” Model train show in your area”. So if you are a hobbyist or into model train collecting, please consider attending and it’s only … 5 bucks. ($5.00 in normal language) What’s not to like on an afternoon of fun and entertainment for only 5 bucks!

Five bucks, 5 bucks, 5 bucks, will get you into this Model Train show

I’ve blogged about many different topics before; “and I always tried to make it clear”, vendors at all these trade shows, whether it’s antique, collectables or any other trade shows. These people are more than happy to share their knowledge and friendship with anyone that’s sincerely interested.

So, off I go to the train show, maybe pick some guys brain while I’m there, maybe learn a few things on the latest generation of model trains.  Pick up a few pointers for my upcoming blog posting on model trains.

5 bucks to get you in the door and a door prize to boot. (which by the way I didn’t win).  A fun place to spend a couple of hours for you and your family and bonus…just be a kid again. “What’s not to like?”

So I paid my 5 bucks. The lady that stamps my hand as I entered the show, she say’s “you’re the 1 thousand’s person going through those doors in 4 hours”.  Say what… “Does that mean I get in free or a booby prize . . . or something”

“No Can Do”. Is French for “NO”

So, as I’m making my way to the entrance, I spotted some of my antiquing comrades. “I didn’t know you were model train enthusiast”. “This is a relaxing hobby where a person, just unwinds,” he said.  All the people at this show all thought the same thing.

How relaxing and gratifying model train collecting is!

∞ ∞ A reader named “Railroadyoshi “  Remarked. ….. I buy trains because I enjoy them and enjoy emulating real railroads ship freight. It provides an enjoyable, constructive outlet from the monotonous daily routine and provides a lot of pride and accomplishment. You learn many different crafts and trades in building a model railroad because, well, you’re doing most of what a real railroad has to do on a miniature scale.
Oddly enough, I’d have to say that I’ve spent more at the Home Depot on my railroad than I have at the hobby shop.  “Weird how that works”.

I’m looking around at all these working displays, 10 car trains going forward and then back. I’m looking at these things like I’ve been hibernating all my life. I have seen train set-up before, “when I was younger” What a difference 20 + years make in technology.

The model train set-up that I was eyeballing was going down the track, stopped, backed up like it was releasing the last car. Then it went forward 20 or so inches, backed up again and did the same thing 3 or 4 times. I’m looking at the “engineer” the operator and he’s just casually talking to one of his customers. He’s not even paying attention to what his train set-up is even doing.

This Model Train is going through the motion all on its own.

Like the one vendor I talked to said, “They’re all digitized” make the setting, put the power to them and let them do their thing.  BOY, they sure have come a long way since I played with model trains. In my youth, you just turn the rheostat up to make them go faster or slower.

This is serious shit nowadays.

I’m standing there just watching this train set-up. Up comes a young fella about 10 years old that was more intrigued than I was. The kid just pushed me out of the way like I was 30 pounds. He had to see this train display going around and around more than I did, “well, not really, I wanted to see it too!”

Literally pushed me out of the way.