Do you believe in luck Punk

 Lucky Charm Meme

Lucky Charm Meme

∞ Feeling lucky PUNK? ∞

I’m not trying to promote these good old time movies “Dirty Harry” movie/franchise. But the question is, do you believe in luck, punk.

Opening up the newspaper, you bypass the Sunshine Girl and you go directly to the horoscope section. Don’t be embarrassed you’re not alone. Everybody checks out how their day is going, or going to go, and just sometimes,  before leaving their home.

The article reads, “The stars are all lined up” today, luck will be in your favor. But exactly,

What does that really mean.

Yes, I woke up today and that’s a good sign.  The sun is shining, and they call for nice weather. Should today be the day I consider, buying that lucky lottery ticket?

car hitting green lights

If this person doesn’t move, his luck will be … “different”

My wife says as we’re driving to work, do you notice something different? Yeah, I’m hitting all green lights. I never hit green lights. That’s a good sign on its own. Eh! Today is going to be that day.

BUT, how far do you take your lucky day?

You could go stupid, take your rent money, bet it all on a horse with 50 to 1 odds. That should set me up.

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Na, I  don’t think so!

But through all reality, the Cosmos says today is YOUR lucky day and if there is some truth in that, it would only apply to you. Not the bad dudes you hang out with, somebody cheats when your playing cards, or maybe standing in front of a moving  Mach truck to test fate or how lucky you really are, that would not be in your best interest.

So, there are so many variables in this world that would determine how lucky or unlucky you’re really going to be. Betting all your money on a horse race might not be the wisest move you ever made either, maybe a $2.00 scratcher.

My personal opinion would be, be happy you’re having a good day, that’s what good luck means. In the land of the astrology or horoscope, that is for once, you’re going to hit all those green lights,  that’s all it means.

∞∞ Have a good Day and good luck Eh. ∞∞  Click here for free tools 

UNTIL the NEXT TIME the stars line up

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