Is taxi driving a rewarding job.

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It’s not easy to be a Taxi driver, but it can be a fun and rewarding trade, well in another sense. Take for example a true story of a famous Photographer, taxi Driver from New York City, US.

Ryan Weideman was an ordinary typical young guy, unsure of how he’d pay the rent. His cab driver neighbor took Ryan with him on an exciting night of “Seeing New York City” through the eyes of a taxi driver.

As the story goes, Ryan was instantly hooked and quickly started working the night-shift.

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Dignity Of Flying Canada’s National Flag Part One

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Is there a proper way of flying flags? “Yes” According to an article from a Canadian Government web site, there is a proper way of flying flags. The site says a “National Flags or other Provincial or Territorial flag has to be displayed with proper consideration and that proper dignity and proper etiquette should be maintained.”

The location and position are to honor – that is,  the Canadian flag is placed at the top and any number of flags can be flown in a chosen formation below it. Continue reading

Medical Reincarnation Carry Over

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this Covid-19 mask is not to protect me, its to protect … YOU

Do you believe in Reincarnation? (Being Reborn again, that you never die, you just pass on)  If you do, you must know a term called “Carry Over” condition?

Dictionary .com explains it something like this “that which is carried over, postponed, or extended to a later time.”

That explains it then … “well not really.” But you have to somewhat agree with the start of my post, or you wouldn’t have read it this far in my article. You have to at least keep an open mind to what I’m going to say, because, your health may depend on it. Continue reading

Could Coronavirus Face Masks Turn Into A Fashion Statement

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This article starts with a claim that wearing protective face masks have been around forever, some wore them, and some didn’t. So what’s the big deal eh!

And there is no more famous one as the Plaque Doctors Mask that you would see if you chose not to wear one.

Could these decorative Coronavirus face masks turn into a fashion statement?  Could they even stay in style?

I’m not trying to glamorize the severity of the Coronavirus Pandemic, but wearing a mask to protect one’s self or his family seems to be a no brainier for this Canadian.

This article starts in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries when many pandemics ran ramped in Europe. It killed millions of people in its wake. Some doctors wore distinctive beak-like face masks called the Plaque Doctors Mask.

author with a coronavirus on mask

this Covid-19 mask is not to protect me, its to protect … YOU

The beaks were filled with unsaturated chemicals, herbs, and spices to treat the ailing patient. The belief was the masks and leather suits that they wore were designed to protect them from putrid air when treating a sickly patient. It is much like the protective gear used today in health care and hospitals, but, “without the beak and leathers.” They suspected the virus could be airborne. So face masks have been around forever. Continue reading