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Is There Life Beyond Our Planet?

Could this story be truth, fiction or out-and-out bullshit? Well, you can decide. But some groups believe ‘Planet Earth is The Second Lowest Life Form in the Universe And This is Why.

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Could life have started with the big bang theory like the most popular belief? Could extra-terrestrials come into focus around the same time man started walking upright? Continue reading

Canada’s Ongoing Truckers Dispute

Notre-Dame-du-Nord Truck Rodeo
Photo Complements of Notre-Dame-du-Nord Truck Rodeo

With the start of a New Year comes a fresh new-looking theme for my website. It is only fitting that right from the get-go I should start a story with something more interesting than the same old, same old.
My mission for this new beginning is to stay positive, and write like you have a tailwind driving you to greatness.
But positive stories might prove harder to find given the times we live in. Continue reading

Is Global Warming A Done Deal


At an environment question and answer period, it was explained that in our area we’re due for a hundred-year flood. Is this a regular reoccurring weather pattern or did we leave our precious environment too late for fixing?

On Environment Day, the city tour guide says were due for a hundred-year flood in our area. The weatherman reported this is the worst snowstorm since 1895. And then another, this is the worst weather since 1885.

My way of thinking is, that only means if they put a date on it, we’ve had bad weather before. So what’s the big deal!

Then I listen to a Climatologists and Environmental Scientist speaking at a University seminar and the reasoning and science behind climate change. And their future environment predictions and now, “they have my undivided attention!”

 But is Global Warming A Done Deal?

Continue reading

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