Shooting Tragedy in Nova Scotia and a Decommissioned Police Cruiser

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The gun tragedy in Nova Scotia Canada killed 22 people to date. The shooter was dressed like a cop, driving a vehicle resembling a Police Cruiser. He was evading the Nova Scotia police department until they caught on to what he was driving. It was a decommissioned police cruiser from a legitimate government authorized auction house.

It was far too late for some people when the police were on him.

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What’s old money?

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Old Money -New Money

What is old money? What is new money? Well, it all stemmed from watching one of my all-time favorite and tastefully done movies, the “Titanic.”  A caption in the film caught my attention, and it went something like this. But the plot was referring to one of the main stars in the movie that was born into money. And somebody related to him as, “He comes from old money” Old money meaning the person was born into wealth. Continue reading

Coronavirus Covid-19 Real or Not?

author with a coronavirus on maskWriting a series of articles on global warming, I had to start the series off by asking a question, “Is the news you read and hear real or propaganda?” In my global warming series, the media had all to play into my research, and with this Coronavirus Pandemic, the question still comes up. Is — Coronavirus Covid-19 Real or Not?

Do you believe THE MEDIA, true or not? or only a little bit OR half-truths?

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Blogger, Writer or Book Novelist

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This Coronavirus  (COVID-19 Pandemic is affecting everyone around the globe. In this part of the world, we are told to stay home and boredom will be the only thing you’ll catch. But this seclusion doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Take up Blogging, be a writer, a Book Novelist. Take a course in something, play catch–up in this time of isolation.

If you’re healthy, and that’s the big one, and you’re just homebound and bored, well, then, now is the time to do something constructive.

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