Mechanic Vs Collectable Clocks

 Truck mechanic cartoon

How hard can it be to recondition old antique and collectible clocks, well this truck mechanic is going to find out, but, those pieces are pretty small!

Being a connoisseur of fine antiques and collectibles, I look at most of these old items through a dollar sign, “how much retail are they worth?” I try hard not to get hooked on the collecting end of the business. But it’s pretty easy to fall into a trap of collecting when you see some interesting items that fit your fancy.

And Fancy Old Clocks I Do.

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Electronic Manipulation and the Web

Truck mechanic repairing a computer

Truck mechanic going to repair a computer

What is electronic manipulation and, where is it used?

Electronic voter fraud (electronic manipulation)  has always been mentioned in the same sentence as elections. The federal elections in Canada have just passed, and provincial parties are now rallying the people for their upcoming event. In the U.S., their presidential election has also just passed.

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