Vintage Board Game with Canada’s Dark Past

Canada Indigenous People

Canada Indigenous People

I lost a bid at an auction. It was on an old vintage board game that I thought was somewhat different and looked interesting. After reading the instructions on the label, I noticed the HISTORY and significance of this family game. This board game was printed and distributed by the Government of Ontario, Canada,  around the 1930’s.

This kid’s or family vintage board game looks harmless enough but it had a wider mentality and thinking. The implications on Canada’s Dark past as a whole and how people thought then and unfortunately some still think today, was printed for all to see.

Vintage Board Game with Canada’s Dark Past

Like I said, this Vintage Transportation Board Game was put out by the Ontario Transportation Department and the first paragraph reads like this: Continue reading

Australia Wild Fires a Natural Disaster of Mega Proportion

Australia Wild Fire

Australia Wild Fires is a Natural Disaster of Mega Proportion. If Australia fires are like the Canadian Fort McMurray fire or the August 2018 fire in California then I say “Declare War” on these fires, and get more resources in to put these catastrophic fires out.

Australia Wild Fires a Natural Disaster of Mega Proportion

Now it seems that the officials at hand must see calling a State of Emergency as a last resort, so declaring an out and out war on their natural internal enemy would be even more of a last resort. With today’s climate change, Declare War should come to mind as the first resort and not the last. Look and see this environmental devastation for what it is, a natural disaster of mega proportions.

The Enemy is at your Front Door.

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Free Rescue Card Wallet Tool


Free Handy Pocket Tool

Is a product really free? Well not all the time. In most part you have to at least pay for shipping costs. Take for example my add.

A Survival Equipment Company is giving away a FREE must-have Handy Tool, with the LINK posted HERE.  This handy tool is advertised and meant to keep in your car for emergencies or on your body when out in the wild. This “all in one Rescue Card wallet tool” would make a good Christmas Present and if you’re going to miss the Christmas deadline, Merry Christmas to ME, but you have to pay for shipping.

So Is a product really free? No. In most cases you have to pay for shipping.

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Canspace Web Hosting Review

Canspace solutions ad

A few years back I wanted to start my own web site. I wanted to speak my mind to the world and blogging was the direction I wanted to go, so I needed a web hosting service… I think.  It was suggested to me to go with a Canadian provider like Canspace Web Hosting Solutions.

“Well, I wasn’t sure what I needed or where to go, but Canspace Web Provider is Canadian.”

Checking online for other compatible and economical web hosting service I had no trouble finding a dozen or so to choose from. I found them all to be in the same price range, given the difference in American funds to the Canadian Dollar. The specs seemed to be the same with Canspace for what little knowledge I had on building a web site.

So being “I Am Canadian” the biggest difference was that, Canspace is all Canadian. That to me was the deciding factor. Continue reading