Going Topless in Public is Legal

topplessGoing topless in public and the Right to do so. This past summer three young ladies were riding their bikes in public and were told by an officer, (and, that’s after putting his eyes back into his head) to cover up.

You see they were riding their bikes topless in a public park. You know that is legal in the Province of Ontario” Canada although I’ve never seen it”.

In protest of the officer’s request they are holding an all-day hooters rally that Saturday and it looks like one of the ladies is getting free, did I say FREE exposure, “sort of speak” but for a different reason…She is a famous singer/songwriter and any publicity is good publicity.

Going to be on the radio, newspapers TV, rallying all the girls and what, more national exposure…… I’m probably helping her cause by writing this blog but nobody reads what I write … right.

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I think it’s more of a stunt ….and you girls are going to bare it all for your right to do so and for all you guys that are just going to watch the show. I think the “three” girls and the other rallied girls are doing it for 2 entirely different reasons. If you girls want to bare it all, don’t let me stop you,

By the way, it was a good turnout. eH

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Canadian Blogger Hard at Work

Happy Hooter day.

Just in case everybody has forgotten,

“There is a Physical, Mental and Biological difference between men and woman and that,

Will not change anytime soon”.

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