Coronavirus Covid-19 Real or Not?

author with a coronavirus on maskWriting a series of articles on global warming, I had to start the series off by asking a question, “Is the news you read and hear real or propaganda?” In my global warming series, the media had all to play into my research, and with this Coronavirus Pandemic, the question still comes up. Is — Coronavirus Covid-19 Real or Not?

Do you believe THE MEDIA, true or not? or only a little bit OR half-truths?

I don’t know anyone that’s sick from this Coronavirus Covid-19 flu. Is that a good thing?

The American President is rallying all people, and he proclaims it’s all fake news brought on by “but again” the media and not to take this virus thing to serious, it’s only a nasty flu bug that we get every year. He says, “Do you know how many died of the normal flu last year?” Lots!

Again, the think tanks show staggering numbers that the US has more dead citizen and flu cases than Wuhan China, where the Coronavirus Covid-19 supposedly originated.

But that’s media again, can’t believe um, Eh.

As a Canadian, I do not have to see my friends and neighbors fall over the dead to think that this virus is real. Our government is spending BILLIONS of dollars just for us to stay home, so — they must believe.

And stay home I will.

I don’t have to listen to the bombardment of doom and gloom on the TV or Radio to know it’s real. That’s as serious and as close as I want to get to this virus.

Catching a cold is an inconvenience, and, the common flu that goes around every year I dis-like and I get over — this Coronavirus (high-test flu) I will take their word for it. Stay away from as many people as I can and — stay home. “dying sounds pretty — PERMANENT.”

Coronavirus Covid-19 Real or Not?

So going back to the President of the United States, you have to ask yourself, who knows the media better than Trump?

He accuses the media of false information.

The President of the United States calls it all fake news, and the people have a right to assemble, he said: “Go forth and mingle my children.”

So there you have it, right from the top.

So the people of some states are rallying; — they fear that the lock-down has violated their civil rights and liberties.

“We want to go back to work — we want to feel the sunshine on our face. I have some golfing to do.” This is not fair one says and — and, our President Trumps says it’s a hoax anyway.

Re-vote for Trump the sign says, Vote for Trump is now the rallying cry around parts of their country.

But I have to wonder;   What about the civil liberty and rights of your next-door neighbor? They have rights to live and you just gave them the Coronavirus Covid-19 through your arrogance.

The health care worker that just died after taking care of your mother; she knows “knew the virus was real.

Is ”Coronavirus real or not?

But, I want to feel the sun on my face and rub shoulders with my buds at the bar again.

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