My Rescued Dog #Sixpaque

     The story started here with my rescued dog Sixpaque.  I wrapped my scarf twice around my face and neck, as I stumbled through the snow to reach my car and drive to our shop.  This morning, the temperature felt to be at least -30 degrees, and I hoped the guys had my (under the desk) space heater turned on. picture of owner and Sixpaque

At our shop, I made the same round I always do. First, check the grounds to make sure the plow jockey had done his job in clearing away most of the snow, and then say hello to the 3 dogs in the shop next to ours.  Usually, I was greeted by their barking, but this morning, I didn’t hear a thing.

“Abandoned “

Those poor dogs, 1 German Sheppard, 1 Doberman, and 1 Sheppard/Pitbull cross, were huddled together in a dog house with no straw or protection except their own dirt.  Their chains were so short, they couldn’t even get away from the doghouse to urinate.

We took all three dogs to our shop where they slowly came back to life, with some water, food, and a lot of rubbing and attention.  Now, what do we do?

dog owners for by dog owners

After a few phone calls, I found out that the owner was in the hospital and his helper, who was supposed to take care of the dogs, was in jail. After long conversations by phone, the owner thanked me and asked if I could find homes for them, as it was unlikely he would ever get out of the hospital.

Finding a home for three abandon dogs.

And that is exactly what we did. The Sheppard went to a friend of ours who owned a wrecking yard, and who had lost one of his own dogs due to old age. The Doberman went to another shop just  4 doors down from us, and the smallest and youngest dog we decided to keep.

That turned out to be the best thing we ever did. His name was Six-Paque, brindle in coloring, and had the sweetest disposition imaginable.

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When springtime came around, Six and I were walking around the complex where our shop was located, and a young man came up the driveway towards us. He stopped when he saw my dog, but the strange thing was, that Six stopped too and just stared at this man. The young man called Six by name, and our dog slowly walked up to him. They both recognized each other but didn’t know what to do. It was one of those moments when I thought my heart would stop beating, for I immediately realized that this was the helper that had been in jail.  We talked for a few minutes, in which time I made it clear that Six was going to stay with us.  As jail boy had no permanent residence, he reluctantly agreed that he would not take the dog.

The minute he started walking away from me, I called Six, and he ran towards me as fast as his short legs could carry him. Licking my hand, he watched as jail boy left, and it seemed like a big weight was lifted off him.  His big brown eyes looked like they were thanking me for love and gratitude.

Well, he obviously didn’t want his old life back. That was plain to see!

Over the years that we had him, he was never tied down. He had free run of our home inside and out and listened better to us than our kids did. He gave us pleasure in so many ways, it is hard to put in words, and after 15 years (when he passed) we still tear up when we talk about him.

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So now everyone knows how we came to have the name Six-Paque for our website, our company, and our Blog.  We will never forget the unconditional love that beautiful dog gave us and made out lives so much better for being with us.

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