Grand Bend Speedway Junior Drag Racers

Drag Racing

“Ah, SHIT HE SAYS” I want-da-race!”

Just a Fun Story! One hot Sunday afternoon we decided to head up to the drag strip at Grand Bend Speedway. As luck would have it that day they featured Junior Drag Racers.

The young racers were just about ready to do their thing when there was a loud bang, a cloud burst. It rained just long enough for the officials to momentarily call the drag race off.

The young drivers were dismounting from their tiny cockpits and this one 12-year-old -took his off helmet and drove into the ground” ah SHIT HE SAYS” I want to race.

God must have heard him cursing because a moment later clouds cleared, tarmac dried and in a matter of minutes, they were drag racing.

“Ah, SHIT HE SAYS” I want to race!

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Did you know GM had air ride suspension in 1957?

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Air Ride Suspension In Early Classic Cars


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Does Planet Earth Need Tweaking

tweaking by Extraterrestrials

Photos by Willard Krause and Pixabay-Image

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WARNING; They Were Told, Never Go There

siting on porch over looking desert

I watched it crash by that old mine

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