Roadside Winter Safety Kit from Amazon

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On my weekly Blog Posting I was thinking of writing something different, something that I should share with my readers being it’s now officially winter in Canada. I am doing a product review on Roadside winter safety kits from Amazon. They are a “must have” in your car at all times. We all know driving conditions and habits have to change in the winter and you have to be prepared for the unexpected and some form of emergency preparedness kit is a must. or have some amazing Roadside Winter Safety Kits available at this link.

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Kaiser Wilhelm Pig Coin Bank


Bismark Pig Coin Bank

The Pig That Almost Started a War

The Kaiser Wilhelm Pig Coin Bank comes with an interesting story and it goes something like this. Around the year 1859 in the strait between Vancouver Island Canada and Washington, DC mainland is the San Juan Islands. A wondering off Canadian pig almost started a war with the United States; the dispute was called the Pig War or Pig and Potato War.

    This is where the KAISER WILHELM PIG BANK comes in

This war was almost started between Canada and the United States, by a trespassing pig. These islands in the strait were disputed to be either Great Britain (Canada) and/or the United States. Both believed it was their territory.

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Choices Lead to Self Improvement

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Making choices is what we do, and, there’s not a day that goes by that you don’t have to make a decision of some sort. It is part of a learning process, it’s part of growing and, it’s part of life itself. At the end of the day, it’s YOU that makes the choice. Good, bad or ugly choices, they all lead to self-improvement. The only trick is, you just have to learn and improve yourself by them.

This article might sound silly to some, and some people may even think it’s not worth the time reading it, but there are many people out there that are too busy blaming everybody and everything for their mistakes. What they don’t realize is, it’s been their choice all along. They just found it easier to blame, anyone different other than themselves. So yeah this article might not pertain to some, but to others, it might. Continue reading

Homeless Senior Citizen the Forgotten People

Toronto homeless senior citizen shelter

So you reached that 50-year-old milestone and, not giving it a second thought you say, it’s time to celebrate … another birthday. But the day after that official day comes 50 plus one day.

You wake up that morning after the 50-year milestone and you’re trying to make it through the worst hangover ever. You happen to see a sign saying, senior discounts for anybody over 50. “Another sign 20 % off anybody over 50 at this discount clothing store. Another sign says we will carry your groceries out to the car for anybody over 50.”

I’m OVER 50! … When did they put those signs up?

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