You know I tried to tell you, he’s not coming home.

He never listened, I tried to tell him

I looked you straight in the eyes and said — be kind and be gentle to your brother. I thought you understood, I tried to tell you.

They never listened, I tried to tell him

So the next day as I see you looking for your brother, nope not there, nope not there either, I don’t see you, where did you go, I can’t find you. I see you looking on the couch, under the couch — nope not there either.

Where are you hiding?  You can hear him say, “You can see the worry in his face”

But I tried to warn you.

I thought you understood, you gave that nod that you were listening. I thought you understood.

So as I’m watching you looking everywhere for your brother, I tried to tell you, he’s not coming home, I thought you understood. Of all times I wanted you to listen, you didn’t.

I tried to prepare you,

So as you’re looking everywhere for your brother that you won’t find, I have to wonder, you’re not the listening type, it’s not your fault.  You always make it known when you want something, but not when anybody wants anything from you. You’re a breed all your own, it’s my way or just … my way attitude.

But of all times, I tried to tell you.

You’re looking for your brother in all those secret hiding places that you both had, the one time I really needed you to pay attention, and you didn’t, and should have.

19 years ago we adopted these two friendly, good disposition brothers that have never been separated from each other. (Cleo and Caesar). They brought total joy to a young quadriplegic man in our family until he no longer could take care of them, at that time we stepped in without hesitation and offered to take both of them.  So for all those wonderful years, we had with these guys, not once regretted adopting them.

So when I look in the mirror I notice, time creeps up on all of us and now Caesar was starting to show some signs of ????

The veterinarian said he’s diabetic and has a weak kidney.

But I’m giving you fair warning the doctor says, this little guy will need special care, life expectancy is only a few years.

So regularly twice a day he gets his insulin shots.

We are into our 8th year with this diabetic, poor kidney functioning pet.  But you can’t stop time and you can’t slow it down, it’s just part of the cycle of living and our little buddy seems to be in the failing end of the age thing.

So I tried to tell you, “As I said to the other brother”, I tried to warn you, I thought you understood. our two cats

So as you’re looking under the bed, in the closet, all your secret hiding places, you won’t find your brother. I can hear you say as you’re going around crying, where did you go, Caesar? I can’t find you.

I tried to warn you, “BUT CATS DON’T LISTEN”. I tried to tell you, “Your brothers not coming home”


7 days to the day, the other brother, (Cleo) looking and not finding his pal passed away from loneliness. Not eating or drinking for that short period of time took its toll on his old body.   My two buddies will be missed.

But …  “Cleo has found his brother Caesar”

I don’t possess that my story is unique, it’s not, and to all that have lost a family pet that they considered … “Family”.  “It’s always hard.”

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