Twenty Five Most Read Short Stories

,25 Most Read Short Stories book cover These are Twenty Five of my most read short stories. Some chapters are entertaining, some are informative, and some are just downright good short reads for your work commute.

Some of my Stories might even have a Canadian theme and orientation to them.
I’m not a long book reader and very few times, a book will captivate me long enough to read the whole thing. That unconsciously inspired me to write short fun and to the point short stories for readers, just like you and me. For those people that are always on the go. Continue reading

Part 2 of Armored trucks in Canada, WHY

3 Armored Trucks in Canada

At the time of writing my first article, “Armored Trucks in Canada.”  The post article was written from pure observation and with very little research. Now with the request of some readers that I should do a follow-up from my first article.  So, I did a little more beating of the bush, and I couldn’t believe how accurate I was in that first posting.

In just the Toronto Ontario area there are four well-known armored cars, trucks, and personnel carrier companies and builders. In London, Ontario General Dynamics build troop carriers for Canada’s armed forces and resale them to other countries around the world as well. Continue reading

Armored trucks in Canada Why ?

Are Police Forces around our country gearing up for civil unrest?

Is that why we see so many armored vehicles in Canada? Or am I just getting a little paranoid?

author with a coronavirus on maskAn American writer while traveling around his countryside happened to notice something unusual on their highways. He said it wasn’t uncommon to find military equipment being moved from here to there on their interstates; BUT.

But the writer wrote, there is something different at play here, there not military convoys.

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