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This is an independent product review on Ghost Glove  a liquid hand protector for a tough, dirty, work environment. KEEPING YOUR HANDS CLEAN. This handy product is designed as a Hand Protector in a form of a liquid glove that you put on when a latex glove is not feasible. Protecting your hands with Ghost Glove was designed to protect you from a nasty work environment and skin absorption of harmful chemicals … But I think it has a secondary health-associated purpose, please read on.

Ghost Glove Product Review

This product Ghost Glove is like a Skin lotion, but the difference is, the average Skin lotion is to protect you from a dried-out skin condition and sunscreen is to keep the harsh sun from doing damage to your skin.

Liquid Ghost Glove was designed for a heavy-duty work environment, for example, a Mechanics job, painters, electricians, or anybody working in that kind of harsh atmosphere. “Ghost Glove” sole reason was to prevent workers from skin sensitivity exposure to toxins touching your hands.

Instruction for a liquid glove:

  • Coat your hands with Ghost invisible Glove at the start of your workday, and it protects you from the harsh conditions you work in. Clean up is easy, just wash with soapy water and grease, grime and paint just wash off.

As a Truck mechanic, the conditions we work in are mostly in a chemical harsh, dirty environment. It’s not the same as working in a stuffy office complex. Dry, chapped skin would be the worst situation you would get.

OR WOULD YOU? Could Ghost Glove help in an office?

  • You ask yourself, does Ghost Glove really work, and well, my work experience says a definite … Yes.

So as a truck mechanic, this product is easy for me to review.

At one point, before using Ghost Glove, the grease and grime would not come off easily. Sure it came off with a lot of scrubbing, but it sure didn’t look like it did.

Having somewhat downplayed the clean office work environment, there are a lot of germs floating around under those enclosed conditions.

People with the sniffles, contaminating papers, books, forms that you handle all could be lurking with germs. That type of job was never for me, but those conditions on its own could be hazardous to your health and maybe more-so than “clean dirt.”


That’s where I think this product “Ghost Glove” might have a SECONDARY PURPOSE.

A little History of Ghost Glove

  • Ghost Glove advertised its product as being developed over thirty years ago to deliver hand protection in environments “where gloves are impractical.” A highlight of our history is the key role the Ghost Glove formula played in the making of the first plane to fly nonstop around the world, Voyager. Carbon fiber was a critical component of the plane and had to be laid up by direct hand contact. To prevent workers from developing skin sensitivity exposure to the epoxy resin, Ghost Glove was invented and was used.
  • Our product is derived from natural ingredients. Their ad states that they are committed to producing products that are good for both people and the environment.

But there could be a “Health” twist this Ghost Glove Invisible Product

I have seen this type of liquid glove before and I have tried many of them. They all seem to work the same, protect your skin, so the dirty material sticks mainly to the protective barrier rather than directly to the skin. That makes sense, and they all do exactly that. Maybe some might work better than others, but that is really hard to tell. They all work just fine.

But if it protects you from nasty dirt and chemicals, the question is, why would it not have a secondary purpose, to help protect you from Germs and Viruses like the cold or flu?

  • Wash your hands often, and that is the best defense against catching someone cold, or worse, the new Coronavirus Covid-19 virus that s spreading around the globe.
  • Protect yourself with Ghost Glove Hand Protection; It might save you a lot of grief.And this is my thinking.

Many people are concerned with this new Covid-19 virus that’s hitting the globe. People are protecting themselves with masks and latex gloves etc., BUT WHAT IF,  this form of liquid glove for your hands gives you some extra protection when touching someone seems unavoidable.

This product review is to show the invisible benefits of Ghost Glove, “made for the heavy work atmosphere” that was its sole purpose. And I hope I helped you decide that this Ghost Glove is a beneficial product for many applications. It helped me in my dirty environment as a Mechanic and, hopefully, yours.

But, I believe today it could have a more important purpose. Ghost Glove hand protector can be used to help ward off unhealthy conditions due to touching and handling germ related articles. “But that is only my opinion, and no scientific study was performed on Ghost Glove hand protector.

Only my evaluation, however, it makes total sense to me for added protection.


  • Goes on clear
  • Non-Allergenic and contains no silicone
  • Comfortable, allow your hands to breathe and improves dexterity
  • Great for gardening, crafting, automotive and DIY projects
  • Protects the hands from paints, dirt, grease grime, and a dirty work environment
  • I believe it has a secondary purpose, use it sparingly on your hands wherever you go. It could help protect you against germs and viruses. Use Ghost Glove when the “wash your hands often rule” is not feasible
  • Washes off easily, leaving your hands clean.
  • Remember, friendly to hands that are sensitive to Latex
  • Ghost Glove is an all-natural and organic formulation that is made in the USA.


  • Hands have to be dry, or most Invisible Hands or Ghost Glove products will smear, giving that greasy feeling.
  • Every time you wash your hands, you remove Ghost Glove protective film. You should always apply more on your hands for ultimate protection.
  • Most people give it five happy faces

This product review was a no brainer for me. I used Ghost Glove and many other invisible glove protection products on my hands for most of my career as a truck mechanic. I can endorse this product with a Good Conscience that, any protection is better than no protection,

Protect your most valuables, “Your Hands and your Health

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