horse races

horse racing at the local track

Another exciting evening at the horse races have a little dinner at “Jockey’s only Eatery” that’s overlooking the racetrack. Check out all the horses from the lounge.  It’s going to be a good night, but, but — where are all the people? Has the horse racing industry changed that much since the last time we were here?

But where are all the people?

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Living in a smaller community, Saturday at the horse races was a looked forward to the event. It’s worth going just to see these hard-liners meticulously looking over their programs, doing the numbers, doing the math the calculations, one guy says, this horse is ready to win. Yeap, I think so too, the other one says.

It’s almost embarrassing for my wife and me to be around these pro’s. We do it the old fashion way. At the beginning of the race, we hang our heads over the fence as the horses trot by and say, that’s a sweet looker, that horse is a proud looker, that’s could be a winner. When we finally decide with no math involved, no heavy thinking here. We walk up to the teller, and I say $2—dollar bet on “Pretty Lady” good man.

There are 20 persons in a line and up times 20 lines. That’s a lot of people betting tonight, no, that’s not right, it was every time we went.

After relocating and not being at the horse races for a length of time, the excitement was still there, but I have to confess, the betting is still the “guess or by golly rule.”

I never knew how to read the program then, and I remember, O Yeah — I still don’t. And the ones that think they do, I don’t think they have any better chance than me—I’m just saying.

But where are all the people? The horse racing industry has changed, but where are all the people?

It’s still a good entertaining night out, but I noticed the horse racing industry has changed through the years. I remember the last time I placed a bet 20 deep of people wanting to place bets. What happened?

The racing industry was a vibrant place to go on a Thursday or Saturday night. I remember always rubbing shoulders with somebody, everybody. It was wall-to-wall people. And that’s how busy and exciting it was then.

The truth about horse racing.

On the news not long ago, our previous Provincial Government said the horse racing industry should start sustaining itself. We are NOT helping subsidize this industry anymore! That was a total surprise; I thought they were doing reasonably well.

So what happened? The truth about the horse racing industry.

In the years that we went, it seemed to have always sustained itself “at least at face value.” Everyone was betting large, and there looked to be no shortage of people. So what went wrong?

Like most industries, whoever has the power and control, make the changes, either you follow along and adapt to the changes, or? Fall behind. I guess the term, Collateral Damage would apply.

Movie Pirates of the Caribbean has a caption I remember, “Fall behind and you stay behind.”

It’s somewhat unfair that being away from horse racing, we remember the before and after years. But one thing has changed, our government incorporated ‘One Arm Bandits’ last time, and in the same building as the horse races. I know that’s been in place a long time, so it’s not like I just came out of the WOODS yesterday, but it has affected the horse racing industry as a whole. Now don’t misunderstand; our government brings in good tax revenue that helps sustain charities and our way of life, and — that’s a good thing.

But I am sure the slots machines took lots of patrons away from the horse racing end and somewhat lured them into ─ “The other Room!”

So yes, I hope the horse racing industry recovers from other people’s (government) decision-making because I think you get better entertainment and a bigger bang for your buck betting on the ponies.

The latest article I read is that our government will continue to help out the horse racing industry because maybe — they’re feeling a little guilty …” NOT”  Well, they should, the horse racing was a big revenue maker, and they changed the whole dynamics with the slot machines.

At the horse races, the excitement is still there, and  after being absent for a few years, I still think my chances of winning are better than in the “other room”   (only my opinion),

Fresh air is gooood, no long line up at the tellers now, it’s free to get in, you can bring your kids for a night of entertainment, (get them hooked on gambling) good food, and maybe at the end of the racing evening, you might still have jingle left over to buy a cold beverage/beer. I still think the chances of winning are better at the horse races. A lot better.

$2.00 bet x 10 races= that’s cheap entertainment.

“What’s not to like!”

Heck.; This is only my observation and only my opinion.  But, I still have a good time, but, “Where are all the people at the horse races?”