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“The Least You Should Know” Series of 50

There are 50 different articles on Collecting and Antiquing.

Through research on collecting vintage and antiques, I learned to narrow it down to  simple things to look for, tell tales signs about the year of manufacture, condition and certain valuable bits of observation. In this Series of 50 articles, you will find simple tricks and observations when collecting antiques.

In most cases Condition is utmost IMPORTANT.

We all know that we can’t buy experience, but have to earn it through trial and error. It could take years of research or hopefully a short time with a few little helpful hints. Look at this nice old antique and compare it with others the same. Now look and feel the difference!

Is it appealing to the eye?

When you’re on the hunt for antiques, collectables and the like, hopefully I can arm you with something, anything that you didn’t know before.  Maybe get a little more of a general idea at looking old at furniture through different eyes or how about looking for old cast iron door stops, piggy banks. (By the way they are a wanted item) Have you ever wondered if is it old or a reproduction? How about solenoid pocket banks? Do you know what they look like or even what I’m talking about?coca-cola change purse

We all have used one or have seen one used. They are little pockets that are normally the shape of a small football and it fits in your pocket or purse. You just know it as a “change purse” to store your loose change.

And Just a reminder.

Antiquing is considered looking for objects (furniture, decorative pieces) from a certain time period.

Antiques are considered 100 years and older.

Collectables are considered anything people collect, new or old.

Dave’s rule,” if you have more than 3 of the same item, then you’re considered a collector.”

*Maybe it doesn’t really matter to you if it’s old. New ones are more affordable anyway so, who really cares, RIGHT!

My objective is not to turn you into an expert. Hell, I’m not an expert either but I will tell you some very simply things to look for, tricks that I have learned along the way and most important, I will save you web time with post information, and website addresses as I find them. Then it’s up to you to pursue your dream and continue to learn more on the subject of your choice.

Knowledge is power.

Knowing some of these tricks just might keep you in the antique malls a little longer when you are a little savvier.

YOU WILL NOT KNOW IT ALL!  The reproductions are in most part very well made, so you have to look hard for tell tale signs that make it legit or a flat out reproduction. So, you will not know it all, but you will know more than you did before you read my articles.

The Least You Should Know

Please check out my posts and watch for the next installment on “The Least You Should Know”

Series of 50


(NOTE)    Collecting old items from our past history seems to be a fading past time.  In most part, the younger generation doesn’t seem to have the time or interest in old looking pieces of whatever, and it hasn’t got the same feeling as it has for this generation of people older than 30 years.

Hopefully this Series of 50 will change the thinking a bit.

Matchbox 1957 Ford

Matchbox 1957 Ford

Some older groups of people will go down the aisle (I call memory lane) at an antique store and they stare at the old and vintage things on the shelves. You’ll always hear someone say, “I had one of them when I was younger”. “I bought one of them when I first learned to drive” as they’re pointing at a 57 ford car “Match Box toy”.

There were no computers or Nintendo games back then. Yes, our life style has come a long way since those ancient days  before the 1980s, but the memories you have today from those past years, will take you down those same isles at the same antique shows and you will say, “Yeah! I had one of those.”

Research is your Friend

This is only for entertainment purposes and I don’t pretend to be an expert by any means, but maybe some information I share is better than none.

If you would like to add to my posts with some of your simple tricks and knowledge, please write a comment and if it is valid information for my post, I will surely add it to my article and give credit where credit is due.



In most cases, Condition is utmost IMPORTANT.

Story to tell or history on the item is good.

Is it affordable?

Is it pleasing to the eye.

Research is your Friend.

Remember – Knowledge is power

And Just a reminder.

Antiquing is considered looking for objects (furniture, decorative pieces) from a certain time period.

Antiques are considered 100 years and older.

Collectables are considered anything people collect, new or old.

Dave’s rule: if you have any more than 3 of the same, you’re considered a collector.



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