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Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you believe that you will be reborn,  may be given a second chance, there is a lot of people who do. They believe all living things have a purpose and coming back shows all life has a major role to play in the grand scheme of things. But what?

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Well, some people believe that you will be back to learn more lessons or maybe …  only one lesson. Could it be as simple as, helping somebody across the street, (if you weren’t there to help that person, there would have been a different outcome)  Could it be as simple as giving a much-needed person good advice …  again, something that simple.

A famous Trans-Channeler had a “free to the public” seminar; It was a full house of open-minded inquisitive people. As she got in her relaxed pose, we were all allowed to ask a question, any questions, big or small, about the universe, family, kids, the meaning of God, or the creator. She believed that all the information in the universe was revealed to her.

Do You Believe in Reincarnation

Reincarnation was one of the first questions that came up. “Is it true?” the person asked.  The answer was yes, why would it not be. How can you expect to learn everything the universe has to offer in such a short period of a lifetime? It would only stand to reason a soul would have to come back, many, many times to learn and experience. And each time you incarnate, you have a different lesson to learn or maybe atone for your last lifetime or maybe, just, learn new lessons.

The night with this lady was very interesting and informative. I always said if it feels right, then it must be right, and as I say, trust your feelings, it’s smarter than you.

If reincarnation is true and there is no way of telling one way or the other. But if it’s true, and we have to atone for our past lifetime of wickedness, well, for at least most of us, we will be in deep …  trouble.

But, would it change our thinking or lifestyle if we knew for sure that reincarnation was true and that, we will be back to atone for our bad deeds. Would we treat our fellow man differently? Do onto others?

Did we honestly believe we fought and died in that Civil war? And now back again.

My family had the opportunity to go to Gettysburg, Penn. There was no shortage of ghost stories in this historic town, but you couldn’t help but get in a very sad mood about what went on during the civil war of 1865.

They had shops that dressed the tourists up in that time period clothing and took photos of them as mementos. In those same shops, they had lots and lots of old historic photos of heroic people and soldiers that are long gone.

We were looking over these old black and white photos through different eyes than the other tourists. We tried to recognize…us in those hundreds of photos. We didn’t find any “us” look-alikes but that would have been a real hoot if we did.

Do You Believe in Reincarnation

For some reason, a lot of people we know are attracted to the Civil War period, as being Canadians we were a long way from that war. Went through all those pictures and we didn’t recognize noooo-body we knew, and why would we even think that we would. Did we as Canadian tourists honestly believe we fought and died in that American war? And now back again.

Maybe deep down inside, we all believe there is some truth to reincarnation and past lives? Just maybe, that’s what scares most people.

Do some research on the subject; you might find it fascinating reading.

Reincarnation, maybe yes, maybe no!

What did I mention earlier …Trust your feelings, it will not steer you wrong.

In “Reincarnation: Past Lives and the Akashic Record” Lois J. Wetzel, MFA, has written the long-awaited sequel to her first book, “Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives.

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