Climate Change is Real


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Learn To Be There, When Needed

author photoClimate change is real, and I’m afraid to say, it’s here to stay. We’ve noticed a drastic change in our weather system and scientists predict and will likely get worse. Flooding, out-of-control fires, droughts, and the list goes on, but my question is? “Are we prepared?”

Yes, we have always had bad bouts of weather, but they’re getting more severe and staying longer.


MY QUESTION IS, In case of a catastrophic event, and this is our average future weather, is our Country prepared, “are we as people” prepared for such events. Well, SORT OF, and a big …maybe.

We have an emergency broadcast system to tell us, in case of an emergency, we should either move to higher ground or lower to the basement. Sirens go off to tell you something is happening, and you should, at least … DUCK.

∞∞ Yes, the government’s research on climate projection data, effects of climate change, and climate change organizations give you more data. They have the training and regional workshops on CLIMATE DATA collecting. Thousands of dollars spent on data information but nothing on real skills.

Skills for when it gets bad, but when the weather gets worse.

If such a catastrophic event happens, are we trained in REAL LIFE-SAVING skills, or, ANY survival skills? Chances are, I would say NO.

Climate Change Real

As we speak, we have ‘out of control fires in British Columbia. We put out a call, and hundreds of trained firefighters from every part of the globe come to our help. In some small way, should all Canadian citizens have some form of training in firefighting? With all the forests and greenery in our Country, I would say a definite “YES.”

My point is if these catastrophic events keep happening, and this is the typical weather pattern here and around the world, and global warming is “Real.” We as a country and citizens should prepare ourselves “IN REAL LIFE-SAVING Skills.”

We should implement a “National LIFE SAVING PREPAREDNESS PROGRAM, and WORKSHOPS ACROSS CANADA” for young and old.

In Ontario, Canada, we are prone to:

Winter in Canada
Winter in Canada

∞ Floods
∞ Droughts
∞ Heatwaves
∞ Severe Winds
∞ Severe snowfall and cold
∞ Tornados
∞ Fires

“State of Emergency Act”

Reading the State of Emergency Act, the government that first declared it has every right to pull you out of your car and force you to help.

But do they? NO. Most people do not have any real disaster-saving skills to help in such tasks, but WE SHOULD.

♥ Trained skills such as: ♥

∞The Heimlich Maneuver.
∞Preventing Hypothermia.  flooding
∞Using an AED.
∞Controlling Bleeding.
∞Escape from a Sinking Car.
∞Exit a burning building.
∞Fire Fighting.
∞ Ice Rescue.
∞And many more to suit your area!

OR, How to Deliver A Baby in an Emergency.

Learning basic survival in an emergency would be an asset to you, your family, friends, and your country when called upon. And, I’m not talking about stocking up on food. I’m talking about real life-saving skills.

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