China’s Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou


China’s Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou episode in Canada will soon be coming to an end. The bullying and trumped-up charges by the US Administration will finally go away, I think?

US President Donald Trump has played Canada and China like a fine-tuned guitar. And why not, Canada and the United States have been brothers forever; we are an easy target for Trump and his government. And China, well?

All the rules of political engagement have been changed, challenged and rewrote in the US president favor. Since Donald Trump been in power the political environment around the world seems to have taken a slightly dangerously and different direction.

The US Justice Department send Canada a message last year to hold and charge Meng Wanzhou on grounds of a misdemeanor and supposedly doing some dirty dealings in the US. She is now in house arrest in her 3 million dollar mansion, and I say, “That will fix her.” Eh

Meng Wanzhou episode in Canada

Canada, playing by the old rules and still under the impression the US is still our brother, applied for their warrant and detained Meng Wanzhou on U.S. legal grounds, hearsay and not Canada’s.  But legal or not, the legality (hearing) of this Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou episode is now starting in Canada and should be over soon, one way or the other and this chapter in Canada history will be over.

  • If it was my call, I would have turned the other way, gave her a free plane trip to anywhere … “But that’s just me.”

With the continued threats from China, lost trade revenue worth billions, the heavy sanctions from our brothers to the south, who do you side with? Both are trying to bankrupt Canada economically. They are both putting the squeeze on Canadian’s to do “their bidding” So there we are, caught in the middle with two bullies on each end …  again.

  • If you remember your history and the USSR and US episode in the 60s, there was no thank you from the US when we were caught in the middle then. Research showed we got bullied by then under a different President, and yes, you are going to put those Nuclear tipped missiles on your soil “Canada!” do what you’re told. Eh

There Is A Lesson To Be Learned Here For Canada, “If Our Politicians Are Watching.”

But through all this, we all know this is a ploy of President Trump to get his way with China’s Turf War and us, we are considered collateral damage. Trump said it would all go away if he gets his way with China. And, through all this, you have to wonder, is “Meng Wanzhou a smokescreen for even China.”

The Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou episode in Canada will soon be over but just maybe—–

Maybe China really doesn’t care about the Huawei’s executive; maybe it’s something entirely different in the works. “You can always smell something fishy in the air” it must be my east coast heritage, but this Meng affair, stinks.

 Canadian Criminal Manual

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Canada has had Meng Wanzhou under house arrest for little over a year and the Americans are still wanting us to hold her until…………?

  • China is caught PAYING protesters, professional actors to walk around with signs condemning the unlawful detainment of the Meng Wanzhou hearing in Canada, that reaches “Anther low for the Chinese Government.” Especially when China is illegally detainment and incarceration of 2 Canadian Citizens with-out bail … “Paying protester is a new low for China.”

As a Canadian, the bullying by these make-believe superpowers has to stop. If the Chinese think by threatening Canada to get their-own way has the same mentality as the US President, and one isn’t any better than the other.

How can the world community trust people in high places with their thinking and mentality of a young person going through puberty?

Recap  Meng Wanzhou Incident.

By Canada being a good neighbor and living up to the Canada United States extradition agreement and holding  Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou on bogus Trumped up charges you have to wonder, what’s it costing us the taxpayer, Canada?

#1  Millions of dollars in legal bills to detain Meng Wanzhou.

#2  China is illegally charging and detaining Canadian Citizens when visiting their country. (2 in question)

#3  China has retaliated by canceling billions of dollars in trade and then making private deals with the US to buy their product instead. The cattle, the pork industry, lumber, mining; steel has taken a real hit in Canada, lost trade because of decisions being made in the south of our border. But don’t worry; the US is picking up the slack, what we lose in revenue from China, the U.S will take care of them for us.

The Huawei Phone and technology should not be sold in this country; Canadian’s could start by boycotting all trade from China. I would say let’s buy our own cell phones, but, we don’t manufacture our own cell phone, or cars, or………………………………………..?      link to why … Blackberry Cellphones are not around

Getting back to Meng Wanzhou episode, Canada will eventually give in to one of these Donald Trump Bullies of the world. But make no mistake, in Canada, we don’t get even and we don’t play by the same rules as these “Super Powers” But, Canada will not forget anytime soon”

That’s, the Canadian way! Eh             #BuyCanadian

If I sound like a dis-grunted Canadian, I am. I dislike being pushed around.

But This Again Is Only My Opinion. Check out my link to “Canada 51 state of America “

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