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As a novice photographer and many times contest winner, my passion was always taking photographs from a drone. I find Drone Photography has been a popular fun hobby for young or old and, I’m getting in on the fun.

There are so many different shots and angles you can take with one of these babies, you could never get that kind of pictures with a handheld digital camera.

So I’m doing my research on the best ones to look for and for myself, I’m kinda zooming in on a DJI MAVIC Drone. Why you ask?Because they’re good quality and a reasonably priced Drone.

And, Amazon has them on special.

DJI MAVIC Drones are a different way of photographing and seeing the world.

Many years ago, a family member made a good living taking aerial photography and selling them to mostly farmers or business owners.

But to sell photos, he had to rent a plane at 250 dollars an hour, have a good eye, a steady hand, and a gooood camera.

We have come a long way in the camera department and now most of those qualifications are built-in. The cameras of today are getting smaller and smaller. That “evil eye” you can’t buy, so, that you have to work on yourself.

But that was many years ago.

Aerial photography is still around today. This can still be a viable full or part-time business for extra family income,

But they have to be good, clear, pictures, and only the better quality drones and cameras will have those credentials. This DJI MAVIC seems to have all the features you need.

Take another example; … I’m wandering around an automotive swap meet and this creative entrepreneur was taking drone photos of a classic car for a proud owner. The owner wanted to put his blood sweat and tears on YouTube and show off his pride and joy to the world.

It’s a guy thing!

Thinking about it, a person couldn’t float around a car with those kinds of fluid movement with any handheld camera. You could only pull that off with Drone Photography and this DJI MAVIC is the one the photographer used.

  • The funny thing is, all the years of going to swap meets and taking pictures, Drone Photography never crossed my mind and — What excellent idea!

So ask yourself, if I was going to buy a drone, what would I look for?

Most people will buy a drone just for the fun of flying them and buzzing over the rooftops, scaring the hell out of your next-door neighbors.

So you can buy a cheaper version of Drones for under a hundred dollars.  But you would find it would frustrate you more than not. So my advice would be, stay away from the cheapies.

My question to you is, “What do you expect a drone to do?”

You should kind of know that before looking around and buying a drone. There are cheaper ones, and there are professional or commercial ones with the prices according to expectations.

Taking Drone photography at a car swap meet.

If you want to take drone flying a little more seriously, this is where you start  “youtube video link”

drone car show photo

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  1. A Quadcopter has four rotors
  2. Hex copter has six rotor arms.
  3. 0ctocopter has eight rotors
  4. Know what to expect from your drone
  5. Battery flying time life is a good one to check out. “around 20 min is the norm”
  6. Camera quality is a must, still or video, and there is a difference. No less than a 4k recording for a good video
  7. GPS, Does your drone return automatically?
  8. Stabilized flying. Rule of thumb the more rotors, the more stable, Maybe that part is a myth, but the finer expensive Drones only have four rotors.
  9. A smooth landing is a must.
  10. Price tag?
  11. Does it come with Extra Parts and batteries?
  12. Flight modes
  13. Good controller
  14. warranty
  15. Check out the reviews on the drones of your choice, the pros, and cons. Gage your decision accordingly. Remember, there are many to choose from so, “choose wisely”

Pilot’s rule of thumb;

$300+ will get something that flies well — $500+ to get something that takes excellent photos and $800+ for something that makes a great video and, in most cases, better quality. “You have to dig deep into your pockets for Professional-quality Drones,.”

Do your research if you’re spending more than $100 dollars.

In my research, I recommend this DJI MAVIC drone.

The DJI MAVIC drone is sold through this Amazon affiliate direct link with factory warranty and, good people ratings and reviews.

YouTube channel has many helpful hints on the flying DJI MAVIC Drone, but remember “You Saw It Here First.”

Almost forgot, some drones have a display screen built into the controller, and some you can use your Smartphone as part of seeing your flight path in real-time.

I hoped this information was helpful.

This is a product preview on DJI MAVIC Drone and is solely my personal opinion. This is an affiliate link and I may get a small reimbursement for any sales generated from this article.

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