Police Forces around the country are buying up these troop carriers and armoured trucks, but for what reason? I wrote two articles on the subject and have been subtlety critical of these vehicles in our police forces in Canada. I still believe that they are an intimidating piece of equipment that belongs in a war zone other than on our streets. I also think that in a safe environment like Canada, these war machines are not warranted in our society and would cause more problems than justify the cost.

Having said that, writing 2 posts on the subject, I do think that my thinking might be a little behind the times, this world is more of a dangerous place than a few years back. Do I like to think we as Canadians are exempt from terrorism, unbalanced people that would like nothing better than do us harm, just for the sake of our thinking and freedom values? But like I say, we in Canada, also have home-grown, imbalanced people living right here, born right here with radicalized thinking.

Hardliner gun avocets have challenged our gun laws in this country, like in the United States. Some people might think that what crime we do have in his country could be curbed by gun control. But, unbalanced people, maybe that’s the issue and not more gun control???


Should we still have armoured trucks, troop carriers in the police force?

SO, my question is, are these armoured trucks in our police department warranted, or are they there for intimidation? Who knows.  I would like to believe they don’t belong in our country or on our streets for any reason.

But, I think my head has been stuck in the sand too long and should be pulled out any time soon. Maybe just long enough to see the reality of all things going on on the world stage. When researching the second part, I looked at a lot of images of demonstrations, rallies, and I couldn’t help but notice a trend.

We have a right to have a Peaceful Protest.

You know, everyone has the right to do peaceful protests, but, some of these demonstrations just appear out of nowhere, and, “where did they get these premade, perfect looking signs?”  Did they have a printing press in the back of their van, just for those special moments when they get the urge to protest about something/anything?

Rallying with your friends and neighbours for the high tax hikes is one thing, but these rallies are entirely organized and again to what extent and by ─ whom.

If you look at the Gun rallies in the US, some of those pictures are scary looking. Fully dressed soldiers going to war, no, that’s not right, “They are ordinary citizens dressed like they were going to war.” Armoured with everything, bullet vest, assault rifles. Look like they just come out of a war zone. All critically demanding a loosening up of the gun their rights, it’s our constitutional right to bear arms. In the United States — not in Canada.

We all know what happens in the United States, eventually happens here. In Canada, it is not in our constitution to bear arms; it’s a privilege. Canadian gun avocets’ don’t seem to have the same clout their US counterparts do in demonstrating. But they are indicating their rights of ownership to guns, any gun is their right. The question is, can a demonstration get out of hand? Could that gun rally in the US go dreadfully wrong with a nudge of any kind?

Maybe our law enforcement sees these demonstrators with their faces all masked up, that’s a dead giveaway that these people are up to no good. Perhaps our finest in blue has taken notice and, is aware that there could be significant trouble on the horizon.

Fully dressed gun rights avocets’ walking the streets like they were going to war, sure they believe they have a valid point, but looks are deceiving.  Armoured trucks, though? That again falls under the category of deceiving, it just doesn’t look right.

An armoured vehicle filled with a swat team, riot gear. Hate to see that in Canada.

Canada’s Ex-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau

This is what our ex-Prime Minister, “Pierre Trudeau,” had to say over the October Crisis 1970.

“There are a lot of bleeding hearts around who just don’t like to see people with helmets and guns. All I can say is, go and bleed. It is more important to keep law and order in society than to be worried about weak-kneed people. Society must take every means at its disposal to defend itself against the emergence of a parallel power which defies the elected power.” Pierre Trudeau. I must be one of those bleeding hearts.

But Armored Trucks?

The well-known Grammarly spell-checker apps are checking over my articles for spelling and grammar mistakes, they happen to point out I had many, many mistakes.

Grammarly spell checker apps

  Coronavirus and civil unrest

So at the time of rewriting my article, our world is in a different place today. The Coronavirus Covid-19 of 2020 is running ramped across the globe.  Our concerned government made it law that we should all stay at home, self-isolating until they get an antidote or vaccine for this epidemic. Stop spreading the virus and, stay home was the order.

  • That makes sense to me, and I’m stayed home to correct all my spelling mistakes. But do you know how many people that, “can’t handle the isolation?” Many.

In my estimation, the Canadian government is trying really hard to accommodate its citizens and paying people to stay home. Sure there are people falling between the cracks, but I think they are working hard to control the spread of this flu. And they want everybody to do their part.

This Pandemic is out there and killing many people. So the shutdown had to be ordered. Depending on where you get your information, a million people have supposedly been infected and or have died around the globe from this disease

But this article is not about the Coronavirus, it’s about Armoured Vehicles in this Country, why?  But having noticed the misinformation, or accurate information, depending on what you believe. This information, along with a couple of months’ isolation, is starting to show cracks in our subsided. The people are getting restless and are having a tough time reasoning between truth from fiction.

And US President Donald Trump publicly says Coronavirus is a hoax.

Group Demonstrators are restless and now are assembling; their cry is their civil rights are being violated with the stay-at-home order. It doesn’t matter how many people die, we want to go golfing, have the sun in our face, and, you can’t stop us.

People are unravelling, coming apart at the seams, going stir crazy from the lockdown. It’s a real mental health issue during this self-isolation period, and after it’s over, we will have to keep an eye on all our “ the first-line medical workers”  A majority of them may need help after this is all said and done.

So much misinformation out there is making people more restless as the days go on, I can’t believe how short of time it takes for people to challenge authority.

What would happen if there was a different scenario where they would be Marshal Law ordered and Implemented with force by our governments?

So with the changing of my thinking, I believe this world is wound, a little too tight.

Do we still need Armoured Vehicles in our subsidy?

My thinking has changed, it’s a ─ Maybe!

Pierre Trudeau  

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