Didn’t make the US Open then golf just for the collecting of it.

The Least you Should Know logoIf you find yourself not making the cut for the PGA golf tournament or the US Open then you can always go to planUS OPEN GOLF TOURNAMENT B. the fun of Collecting golfing memorabilia or golf-related novelties.

There will be a slight difference in pay but you’re “somewhat” still in the golfing scene. So stop chasing that little white ball around and consider collecting golf memorabilia or golf novelties instead.

Here is a Little History on Golfing

According to GolfEurope.com golfing originated in Scotland around the 15 century, some, say it was traced back to the Sung Dynasty 960 BC in China. Whatever you believe or not, golfing “anything” is BIG business. Whether you’re into pro golfing with the PGA or you do the 9 hole golf course in an old abandoned stone quarry, “which by the way is a cheaper way to go”.

So, as the story goes, a slight form of golf has been around for hundreds of years. The early shafts on these clubs would be made from bamboo, copper, wood, and later on, aluminum and then?

American professional golfer Sam Snead jokingly said:   “These greens are so fast I have to hold my putter over the ball and hit it with the shadow”

Golfing is big business.

Forbes.com estimates golf-related anything is an 84 Billion Dollar industry.  So there is no shortage of golfing enthusiasts or buyers of anything golf collectibles.  And that means, if you are an avid golfer, you most likely collect anything golf-related for your decorating your rec. room or man cave. Or maybe a little filler for empty office space.

This brings us to “The Least You Should Know” series of collecting.golf ball funny

Tip #! Heads on the older “drivers” clubs were much bigger and longer and would be easy to spot at a garage sale or antique mall.

Having said this again, that’s another one of those overlooked hobbies or collectibles that go cheap at auctions, garage sales, and the like. Now I dread finding a set of newer style golf clubs at a storage auction I just bought.  I can’t get rid of them and we all know how expensive they are to buy new.

Golfers aren’t picky, “are they”?

Why are golfers picky, because they have to feel the club, swing it a couple of times, they have to be measured to you like a tailored suit, you get the idea. But I find “used” up to date clubs are not a good seller.

But old antique wood shaft clubs or bamboo shafts, no problem selling them to collectors. Coffee mugs from the Bob Hope Desert Classic tournaments are a big-time collector item. You just can’t find them. It is not like they made thousands of them.  ANYTHING, from a PGA golf tournament or the US Open, would be a collector item.


Whether you’re a golfer or forced into watching it on TV with the better half, we all have heard of the golfing greats, Tiger Woods Billy Casper, Tom Watson, Phil Mickelson, Arnold Palmer, and a lot of upcoming Canadian golf stars

So any famous celebrity that signed a t-shirt, mug, book, and trophies are all collectible and saleable items.

golf ball funnyTip #2 You know where I find the best deals on antiques and collectibles? At “automotive swap meets,” that’s where they only sell “automotive related items”

There’s Bob Hope signed hats, trophies, shoe horns, ties, tie pins, jewelry, cast door stops, piggy banks, etc. Think outside the box whether you’re a collector, buyer and or just a seller.  It does not have to be a new golf bag to buy for your sweetie at Christmas, or a set of clubs that any professional golfer has to get the custom make, custom fit for himself

But this is where the collecting comes in, turn of the century clubs, a variety antique of neckties with

Did you know people with a substantial collection of …anything writes profitable BOOKS about their collections? Who, what, where, and how they got their memorabilia, where do you think most of this information came from, Eh, their books and research.

This post is somewhat coming across as a fun, jokey kind of topic. But rest assured there are collectors out there looking to buy anything golf-related. And if you are a golf collector, there are still lots of unusual deals to be had.

Did you know you could spend a good afternoon at one of these antique malls hunting down your golf-related treasures? Take the challenge; pick any subject matter, but as we are talking about golf, that’s a good place to start.  Spend an afternoon at different antique malls in your area and see how many of these golfing affiliate items you can find. You might even notice “you had an enjoyable afternoon”. AND THESE ANTIQUE MALLS ARE NORMALLY A FREE ADMISSION!  “SO WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE”  Eh!

Joke….  Babe Ruth said . . . It took me seventeen years to get 3,000 hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon on the golf course:

So there you have it, never mind the Golf Tournament, let’s get collecting. EhVocal Media Banner