Is Smoking Marijuana Bad For You.

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The three most asked questions are on the web, one being, Is Smoking Marijuana Bad for You? And the second, Is Smoking Cigarettes bad for you? And the third, Is smoking Electronic Cigarettes, Vaping bad for you?  I think the keyword is “Smoking.” anything.

The Health Professionals’ sole belief is that the smoke from the cigarette and vaping are associated with 500 different chemicals that go into your lungs, clogs up all the blood vessels (small air sacs) with nicotine. Starving much-needed oxygen to the brain and body. This in turn, causes lung diseases such as respiratory and breathing problems. Sickness and generally poor quality of life. Well . . . you get the idea. And that makes total sense.

The question, Is Smoking Marijuana or Vaping Bad For You?

The Cancer Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation, and many other groups, all defend their thinking on these terrible diseases associated with any kind of smoking. “And smoking is the keyword” However how much thought went into smoking Marijuana and Vaping and is that’s good or bad for you?

Now it’s a proven fact that cigarettes are bad for you, that’s a given, after 40 or so years of research. What about marijuana or vaping, or the different strains of cannabis? Short of burning out a few brain cells, are they really bad for you?

The question still stands, Is Smoking Anything Bad For You?

How about smoking Electronic cigarettes, are they bad for you? Their thinking is that e-cigarettes are new enough and that the health system still doesn’t fully understand the effects from vaping, which involves “Inhaling these deadly fumes” produced by heated liquid nicotine, into your lungs.

I don’t pose to be a brain surgeon, but I see a parallel in the 3 different kinds of “SMOKING.”

Remember their sole belief is that the smoke goes into your lungs and clogs up all the blood vessels (small air sacs) with nicotine.

 Smoking. IS Bad For You.

   “Take a puff of this doobie, take a big drag and hold it in your lungs for as lo n  g …… as you can. Get the full effect they would say.” That’s the proper edict of smoking Cannabis.

Now, you don’t see it much anymore, and that’s a good thing. But does a person remember seeing a heavy chain smoker, puffing one cigarette right after the other, their fingers would be stained with nicotine and again with 500 different types of chemicals, “that looked gross by the way.”

If you look at the whole situation at face value, what are the nicotine stains doing to the inside of your lungs, or matter a fact the oils from the pot that you smoke? I have to wonder, does it not do the same thing as smoking cigarettes? Well, that makes total sense to me, however!

There was a 73 year younger lady that has very few health issues, doesn’t take any prescription drugs but having to go to her family doctor, the first thing he asked “Do you still smoke cigarettes” Yes I’m trying to quit. After 60 years of smoking, it’s hard to quit she says.  Well if you still smoke, there is not much I can do. The impression was that the doctor wasn’t going out of his way to help this lady. (Because she smokes) Some doctors were shown in these advertisements endorsing cigarettes a few years back.

    DID YOU KNOW, Marijuana is from the hemp family and was first grown as a fiber by the earliest American natives, they make rope from hemp, “Have a good smoke.”

All professional people want successes under their belt. It looks good on a resume, and generally we professionals want a job well done. Doctors can’t be any different than us mechanics, but where mechanics try and do, (doctors) swear an oath to help people in need no matter what the circumstances.

But hearing this story the first question would be, if the original story is true and the nicotine coats, for a lesser term the lungs, why do they condone, SMOKING marijuana, cannabis or even vaping? Why is it being looked at differently? The oils are lased with just as many chemicals and go into the lungs as a vapor, and I would assume, that would react the same as smoking a cigarette.


And I could go as far as to think, E-CIGARETTES that are the latest crave are the worst of all three. But I have to wonder, do Physicians ask the same questions to these people as they did to that lady cigarette smoker?

When those people light up those e-cigarettes, you say to yourself, where did they go? I can’t see you and then the smoke clears, O yeah, there you are. I wonder how many chemicals are in those babies, I could find out how many, but I won’t.

   “The doctor says, if you don’t quit smoking these electronic cigarettes and vaping, don’t come back.” … Yeah Right.


I’m not sure if I’m more peeved at some of the doctor’s attitude towards the changing of the times or a government with blinders on. Do Doctors follow the advertising trend or do they condone smoking pot and vaping with e-cigarettes because they are legal, and that, makes it OK.marijuana good for you smoking ads

But the search engine Pinterest brought to light some interesting thoughts. I’ve seen some corporate advertisement first hand from years ago, this site on past smoking advertising labels brought back memories. The way it was then, and the way it is today. Did evolution change our bodies in a few short years, that it was bad for you one day and now, it’s GOOD for you?

   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that, as of 2018, about one-fifth of all U.S. high school students reported using an electronic cigarette in the last 30 days. And as of today, they call it a future Epidemic, and they had it right.

So through all fairness, we haven’t given e-cigarettes (vaping) or smoking Marijuana that 40 years and a billion-dollar test, so the question still stands, is smoking marijuana and vaping bad for you, well the smoke and chemicals still go into your lungs.” I’m “Just Saying.”

The latest as of today, health departments across the country are now finding more young people complaining of breathing problems due to vaping and some are now dying from it.

I do not possess to be a Physician or a health care provider however, we all have a universal problem, we all overlook the obvious and the simplest solution. Is vaping or smoking marijuana bad for you?

My answer is “SMOKING” anything is bad for you.


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