Supreme Leader of United States

Donald Trump and the Gene Meme

“All I want is one more Wish”

So Donald Trump says to the genie, “I only want one more wish” The genie looks over and says, “Donald, Donald, you already have fame, glory, money, what more would you want.”  He says ─

I want to become the Supreme Leader of the United States of America.

author with a coronavirus maskGenie, given it some thought, says, “If you play your cards right, excuse the pun, the way your popularity is going with your followers, you will be the supreme leader of the world (I mean the United States) by the end of your term.”

Can you picture it, U.S. Donald Trump smiling from ear to ear as he’s reading this article? Supreme leader of the United States of America, Has a ($#@*?)  “Tone” about, Eh!

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“Donald,” the genie says,” you know how you look up to the Chinese President Xi Jinping and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, you can see how fortunate they are, they do what you want, they say what they wish, Supreme leader of their countries, life is good.”

“That’s what I want,” Donald says, “ONLY ONE MORE WISH.”

Now I don’t know about you folks, but watching the Donald Trump drama unfold in the US,  I have to wonder, is that a possibility? Looking outside the box, looking in, Yeah, it’s probably a strong possibility.

The United States Government and its people have removed better presidents from office one way or the other, for doing less. They, in most cases, had more potential at being a “SUPREME LEADER.”  But:

Not a day goes by those people on both sides of Canada, and the US border is being charged and punished for crimes going back decades. They, no matter how powerful a people they are in real life, they are not, supposedly above the law.

Do the crime, do the time.

In case you haven’t figured it out, this is all a joke, right!  I mean that couldn’t really happen, SUPREME LEADER of the UNITED STATES ─ right?

So now the President’s last few months in his term, a twist in fate unexpectedly comes true. Four years in office, he has already organized the government like it is his private kingdom. He has single-highhandedly changed the judicial system to his liking.

Donald Trump has permanently alienated all his friends and allies. His followers in the US think their leader is just doing a fine job. Trump has cushioned up with the world’s notorious arch-enemies of the US, he says, I want to be just like them when I grow up.


And now, US President Trump said, “I, Donald Trump, appoint me as the SUPREME LEADER OF THE WORLD, I mean, the United States of America.”

Moving to Canada Eh  ( link )

From now till I die I will rain over everybody like no other.

You, the reader make no mistake; it is a genuine possibility and a scary thought to boot. If that thought becomes a reality, it will change things around the world as you know it.

Supreme Leader of the United States, WELL,  only God and history will be his judge.  Eh


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