Wearing motorcycle helmets “IS” the law in Canada?

With and without motorcycle helmets

With and without motorcycle helmets

The answer to Canada’s Helmet Law is yes but, only in most parts of Canada? When riding your motorcycle on a public highway, the law was that helmets were mandatory, and yes, even if you’re under the age of 18 and riding a tricycle. You have to abide by the law and “Wear a helmet.”
Wearing a motorcycle helmet is the law in Canada?
The helmet law was implemented in Canada under the “Traffic Safety Act” in the early 60s. Dr. Eric Kung, a neurologist at Stamford Hospital specializing in head injuries. “Motorcycle accidents are the most common causes of traumatic brain injury,” and or death. He said that wearing helmets when riding would drastically reduce the force of impact on the brain and skull.
Behind the scenes, there is an extravagant cost load to the health care system due to such injuries, and they are mostly considered preventable accidents. That’s two good reasons why Canada has (had) the motorcycle helmet law.
As per the article on Canada Helmet Law
Canada’s motorcycle helmet laws were easy to understand because they were pretty uniform across all ten provinces and three territories: all operators and passengers on a motorcycle or motor-assisted bicycle must wear helmets at all times securely fastened under the chin. It’s made a law for our health and welfare.

grim reaper cartoon joke

grim reaper cartoon

Listening to national news about helmet laws in this country, there was an article on the safety of wearing helmets. It led up to the story that some of the minority groups of our citizens are crying foul. They would like an exemption to the law and the right not to wear helmets due to religious reasons, and it was just “discriminatory” besides.

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Groups question, wear a helmet as long as covered their head, but they chose not to. Because of the inconvenience of taking the headgear on and off in a private setting. Inconvenience? Yes. “I understand,” but to change Canadian laws because it’s an “inconvenience” to the operator.?
Helmet law has been challenged and changed in three provinces. It is now challenged and supposedly going to be changed by our new government in Ontario. The Sikhs minority are “now” allowed to ride their motorcycles without a helmet in the provinces of,

∞ British Columbia

∞ Manitoba

∞ Alberta


If our new Ontario government exempts this group, then the rest of the cyclists in Ontario should also be exempt from wearing the helmets by choice rather than by law.
“The health and safety issue doesn’t seem to be a valid argument anymore.”
The law change is grossly unfair to all Canadian Cyclists forced into wearing helmets when some citizens do not.
Now, remember, the helmet law was introduced into law for our safety.

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I’d love to go for a ride with you, but I never get on one of those things “WITHOUT A HELMET.”
(HEAD INJURIES) and, of course, the cost of overloading the health care system due to head injuries. What was not mentioned was that the cyclist insurance rates will probably go up because of fatalities or damages due to not wearing your helmet.
“If our government persists on changing laws to appease the selected few and not for all Canadian citizens as a whole, then “how” can they expect equality in this country from its people if they do not set the “example.” By “NOT” treating all citizens equally, “Canada is” part of the big problem.”
It is a choice to Ride or not to Ride and to abide by all rules and laws of the road, set down for the safety of all citizens of Canada, not the select few.
This article is NOT about the majority, minority, or choice of religions. It’s not even about the helmet law, and it’s about equality for all.