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Dave is my name. By trade and for 40 years I was a truck and heavy equipment mechanic I took up blogging as a pass time because it was something different. And different --- it is.

“The Future Was Ours”

This is a book summary of Canada’s Fallen Avro Arrow

Avro Arrow Reaching to the Sky

Canada’s Avro Arrow CF-105

This is a short description of Canada’s Avro Arrow CF-105 Program in an e-Book format and simply called “The Future Was Ours” Historical facts are verified through web research and the address posted below in the book. But the why part of the story is my opinion!

The story is based on the cancellation of the only Jet Fighter built in Canada called the Avro Arrow. It was sleek, it was fast and futuristic and to many thinkers, it was gone because of the advanced technology, cancelled by the powers at being.

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Is Global Warming A Done Deal


At an environment question and answer period, it was explained that in our area we’re due for a hundred-year flood. Is this a regular reoccurring weather pattern or did we leave our precious environment too late for fixing?

On Environment Day, the city tour guide says were due for a hundred-year flood in our area. The weatherman reported this is the worst snowstorm since 1895. And then another, this is the worst weather since 1885.

My way of thinking is, that only means if they put a date on it, we’ve had bad weather before. So what’s the big deal!

Then I listen to a Climatologists and Environmental Scientist speaking at a University seminar and the reasoning and science behind climate change. And their future environment predictions and now, “they have my undivided attention!”

 But is Global Warming A Done Deal?

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Hit That “LIKE” Button.

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Does Planet Earth Need Tweaking

tweaking by Extraterrestrials

Photos by Willard Krause and Pixabay-Image

WARNING … This article is not for everyone.

The question is; To stay on course” Does Man And The Planet Earth Need a little Tweaking?”

The creations of man! Where did man come from? And, where are we going?

There have been many theories on the creations of man and our beautiful blue planet called earth. Most people wonder, where did we all come from? Continue reading

Trolls Disguised as Law Biding Protesters


Trolls look like you and me! Troll Photo courtesy of Comic Vine

Professionally paid Trolls are amongst us and they are disguised as ordinary legal law-abiding “protesters.” After they do what they’re good at, they slip out of a crowd unnoticed. But in my estimation, they are just paid, shit disturbers, bought and paid for by ???? Continue reading

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