How to lose weight for all you BEER lovers

Calories add

The secret on how to lose weight for all you beer lovers.  First, you check the calorie content. “WHAT IS THIS CANADIAN SMOKING!”. Beer connoisseur don’t check the calories. If you really want to be picky, you might check the alcohol content … “This Canadian is on some “Bad Stuff”.

But wait or pun word ”weight” if by chance you happen to see a roll around the midsection of your body, commonly known as love handles, you might be drinking too much beer. If you’re forced to

standing on a scale


stand on the scales, and we know you men don’t because the weight doesn’t matter, right boys. But if you are forced into it because your wife wants to prove to you that you’re gaining weight, and then you step on this thing on the floor, boo-ang, you hear something break down by your foot, you know she’s right.

“But, what happened to the needle in the scale dear?  You broke it”, she says.

I have to admit, my clothes have been a little tight lately, but I thought my wife was using too hot of water or too strong of a detergent or … something? It never crossed my mind it was my beer.

map of pubs

map of pubs

It’s a man thing! It’s a  hot, hard day at the workplace and it just so happens there’ s a lot of pubs in-between work and home. Not my fault, I didn’t put temptation there.

Ah, but you got to love it.

But the weight thing, I’m starting to look like a Goodyear blimp and that was not part of the plan. O YEAH, … I never had a plan.

I’m kind of peeved at U.S. President Donald Trump and his make-up Tariffs on anything Canadian made goods. The general public is still not sure what’s up his backside, but something, anything Canadian is irritating him. I wrote a post that it’s so important for heads of state to get along, but you can’t change a personality clash. Maybe that’s it. It’s just the way it is and whatever happens with Trumps new America Plan, we Canadians will just adapt and carry on in life.

I’m somewhat away from the story, BUT NOT.

As a Canadian protesting against Trumps position in Canada, I, as a beer lover, will boycott their American made beer. I will buy locally, and Hell, we have at least 2 dozen breweries in these parts. I will just support my local Ma and Pa establishments … Eh!


beer drinker

Aftermath of drinking too much BEER

I’m trying out some local tasty beers, and now my pants are getting really tight. I say, these guys sure know how to make some good brew and I say to my wife, ‘we have to go shopping dear, my pants don’t fit”. It dawned on me it’s my local beer. Laying off the brew for a day or so, now I can fit back in my clothes again. No, I still don’t and maybe should look at the calories. But, Nah.

Things to know.

∞ My weight always goes up and down according to the beer and amount I drink. If you are a beer lover like myself and you’re gaining a few extra pounds, and you know where

That tasty BEER COULD BE YOUR PROBLEM. Just saying. Eh!

I’m still not buying American beer. I just found some local Beer that works for me, AND I STILL

Canadian flag

Canadian Flag


A salute to all you Canadian Beer Lover everywhere. EH!

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