What’s old money?

new money cartoon

Old Money -New Money

What is old money? What is new money? Well, it all stemmed from watching one of my all-time favorite and tastefully done movies, the “Titanic.”  A caption in the film caught my attention, and it went something like this. But the plot was referring to one of the main stars in the movie that was born into money. And somebody related to him as, “He comes from old money” Old money meaning the person was born into wealth. Continue reading

Coronavirus Covid-19 Real or Not?

author with a coronavirus on maskWriting a series of articles on global warming, I had to start the series off by asking a question, “Is the news you read and hear real or propaganda?” In my global warming series, the media had all to play into my research, and with this Coronavirus Pandemic, the question still comes up. Is — Coronavirus Covid-19 Real or Not?

Do you believe THE MEDIA, true or not? or only a little bit OR half-truths?

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Second Amendment Gun Rally in Richmond Virginia


Lawmakers in Virginia are considering revamping and making several law changes to limit gun rights. If passed gun advocates are saying they will not comply with the new laws. They believe the Second Amendment should be upheld at all costs, without any changes, and they’re going to rally in protest.

So the gun rights advocates filled the streets of downtown Richmond and the area around the Virginia statehouse Monday, demanding that lawmakers drop their consideration of the new laws.

One person said: “We ain’t going to turn our guns over. We ain’t going to register our guns. It ain’t happening.

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China’s Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou


China’s Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou episode in Canada will soon be coming to an end. The bullying and trumped-up charges by the US Administration will finally go away, I think?

US President Donald Trump has played Canada and China like a fine-tuned guitar. And why not, Canada and the United States have been brothers forever; we are an easy target for Trump and his government. And China, well?

All the rules of political engagement have been changed, challenged and rewrote in the US president favor. Since Donald Trump been in power the political environment around the world seems to have taken a slightly dangerously and different direction. Continue reading