Readers Comment On The Beast

computer called the beast

Readers Comment on the Super Computer Called The Beast

I wrote a four part series on “The Super Computer Called The Beast” and what secrets it holds for mankind future. A reader wrote in and commented with this interesting thought on “Today’s Thinking”  “And I believe where all F$#^%%Ted”

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Who are the Star People Arcturians

Starship Athena above earth

Arcturians are Intercontinental travelers on a starship from the Constellation of Bootes. (ET) They proclaim to humankind that they come in peace.

Their purpose is simple. We Arcturians, have been sent to observe earth’s progress since the beginning of time and are here again to help humankind through the coming changes.

We come in peace, they stressed.

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Warning Or Prediction about the “The Beast” PART 2

warning sign for conspiracies

Part two … The none believers of the Covid-19 say, ‘It has nothing to do with wearing a protective face mask,” It has all to do with losing control of your way of living, your rights. Being told to wear a protective cover is the silver bullet that starts people thinking and balking the system.

The shutdown bothers some of the general public so much; they are protesting, demonstrating against the wearing of mask policy. Right or wrong, it’s “Being told what to do.” Violating their civil rights, they want to decide for themselves to wear or not wear the protective garments, not told. Continue reading

Proper Etiquette of Flying a Nation Flag Part two

multinational flagsDid you know there was a Proper Etiquette of Flying a National Flag? Flying any flag from home has been an embarrassing overlook problem with many people and it should also be noted there is a proper Etiquette involved. Now if you’re the serious type and you want to go the extra mile, holding and folding a National flag is another overlooked thought.

Did you ever notice Canada’s Maple Leaf flying peacefully in the wind? How many people spot and comment on all the different flags that you see? From your home town coat of arms to the Toronto Maple Leafs mascot flag, you had to have noticed it at least once. Continue reading