Canadian Elections vs Dual Citizenship

Political Campaign Clipart


Warning: This controversial question of Canadian Federal Elections vs Dual Citizenship just might rub people the wrong way.

So to clarify, this story is only about the Canadian politicians running Canada.

The Election is coming up and, who should I Vote For?  As an ordinary Canadian Citizen I have questions and concerns that I’ve always wanted to ask but never did, for example; Continue reading

Wear A Face Mask When Entering A Retail Store

facemask vs no face mask

Question; Do retail store owners have the right to refuse entry for people in their place of business with a face mask VS no face masks. World pandemic or not have they the right! Can the owners deny people access for not wearing a government mandatory face mask?

With the world outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, that seems to be a question most asked and quite a response topic on Facebook.

Is this overdoing it a little, or do they, the company or business owners  have the right to refuse a person in their building, and the kicker is, their government licensed as a “Public Place” Continue reading