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Another unbiased product review on Grammarly Spell Checker.

I’m a truck mechanic by trade and a storyteller/blogger by night. Well, that’s my new found hobby and career. Having lots of things to say comes naturally, but having said that, I fall way short in the grammar, spelling and punctuation department. Those areas are equally or more important than telling a good story. That’s why this Product Review is about “Grammarly” Spell Checker and Grammer Improver and why I think they deserve five happy faces.

With this Grammarly program, it makes me look …  goooood.

In this Grammarly spell checker product review, I have to be honest; I didn’t compare apples to apples. I didn’t compare this spell checker to another. I found right from the start Grammarly delivered and put my blogging to a new level, without me looking for an alternative program.

The number one complaint people have when reading an article is the structure of the English language. I am the worst culprit for bad grammar and spelling, and everybody lets me know it.

People do judge you on a first impression, give them something good to read and make sure your spelling and grammar is of, “better quality.”  Good, bad or ugly, we all judge on a first impression.

Grammarly word checker not only makes my blogs readable to the public, but I have learned from my mistakes, which to me, is a bonus.

I’m getting better after all these years, and I’m starting to remember all the things I forgot.

  • I wrote an out-standing, informative book and had it published through Amazon Kindle. This book was a labor of love; it was going to make my dreams come true. The money was going to start rolling in. I already ordered my new Caddy from the dealer, I was so sure of the success of my book.
  • On the first sale of the book, the reader left a review on my outstanding labor of love, they happened to mention all the spelling and grammar mistakes. I canceled the order on my new car. Whatever sales I was going to get …  I didn’t.

Reviews are important. The sole reason you are reading this Grammarly Product review is that you wanted or needed a second opinion.

At the time of publishing my book, I did not have a Grammarly spell checker. The book bombed and as we speak, is being corrected by the number #1 spell checker, Grammarly and yes …  my book did have a few mistakes.

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I should have could have used Grammarly, but I didn’t. It cost me a hard labored book and if your resume is not in order, it could cost you a high paying lifelong dream job.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Grammarly has a free trial, but the paid version is the best and for the cost of the program, you writers should never be without it.

If you are a blogger or a storyteller, in education or you want to make your opinion known on the web, make sure you have it proofread by Grammarly. You don’t want to sound like your opinion doesn’t matter. Because in this day and age, your opinion matters more and more.

Everybody’s on social media sites. In all your comments, you would like people to take you seriously, or they might say, “that guy has the education of a grade school drop-out.”

Cons of this program!

  • It’s a cloud-based app, which means they correct your writing through their web-based computers. Their computers read your material in super-fast time, give you grammar and spelling alternatives, and you correct them as you please. They have a secured copy of your work stored someplace in their computers. So you still ask, is Grammarly safe to use? My answer would be yes. But they do have a copy of your work, so if you have sensitive articles that you don’t want out of your possession, well then, you be the judge. Find a human proof-reader.

Pros of this program

  • Grammarly checks your material in record time. It gives you alternatives to your spelling and grammar and corrects your punctuation, which is the number one problem with writers.

Even today’s Truck Mechanics have to do better in their work order forms. People do judge you and your work by your grammar and spelling and overall structure of your writing. Be the best you can be and Grammarly will make you look goooood or at least … better.

  • The job interviewer says, “Sorry, don’t call me. I’ll call you.” All because your Grammar and spelling were not … high-quality.

Remember my book that bombed.

My family says, “Did you write that? You don’t spell like that.” Nah.  Naturally, I took all the credit, but even though I came up with the theme and the excellent storyline, Grammarly made me shine.

But I cannot forget my better half, and she still gives my work that final approval.

So there you have it. I would recommend Grammarly to anybody that does any writing for a hobby or as a profession. But through all good conscience, I can only give it a four and a half rating because I do not like any cloud-based programs. But that’s just me. But most people give it five happy faces.

rated four and one half happy faces for Grammarly

Most People Give it a Five.

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