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Guilty-Bad Ass-Pardon Cartoon

Pardon me! I wish it was that simple but what if I wanted a real pardon to remove my past dirty deeds? How would I go about getting a pardon? Do you even know what a pardon is? Wikipedia says, “A pardon is a government decision to allow a person to be absolved of guilt for an alleged crime or other legal offense”

This post as per cartoon was to make fun of US President Trump.


“Talk about being above the law”!  He just sends a bad message of the democratic system and totally makes a mockery of all hard working Americans that believe in equal rights.

My plan was to make fun of the US President and the PARDON issue, but the pardon topic took a different direction on its own.

This is a very important topic with many people and these people take the pardon issue quite seriously. Listening to the American president make light of the pardon issue is disheartening to them, as well as to myself, and I don’t need one. Eh!

There is a Canadian FUN Connection

∞∞ So the “PARDON ME” term probably originated in Canada.

Canadian flag

Canadian Flag

As you’re going through heavily congested malls, you are rubbing shoulders with anybody and everybody. The first thing that comes out of a Canadian’s mouth is pardon me . . .  pardon me, … No, “PARDON ME”  Eh! ∞∞

But this is not a laughing matter. What if a lot of people are very serious about a “REAL PARDON”, you know the one your government gives you when you/they think that you should be exonerated from your shady past.

Pardon Me

So, as President Trump is handing out pardons like they were traffic tickets, he is saving the last for himself. You are just a normal working person/Schmoe, ( Al Capone used that term)  it just means, you have to go through the proper channels.

Depending on the severity of your past crimes, you might have to wait 5 to 10 years and that’s after you paid your debt to society. So you really have to plan ahead and make sure you do it. This information came right out of a Canadian Law website and maybe its a US law site also.


FIRST OFF- do you really want a pardon, do you even need one.

SECOND- Do you know how to go about getting a pardon?

Most people with a shady past couldn’t care less about a pardon, not worth the effort. Not unless I can get a Donald Trump pass, I’m not interested.

Other people would like a clean slate. They paid their debt to society. It was part of the past and would like to leave it there. It’s history and gone like it never happened.

It’s hard to look into the future but if you could, you would say. “A pardon in a small way, is part of the healing process from your gloomy past”. And looking into the future, you don’t want your dirty deeds stopping you from fulfilling your hopes, dreams, love and relationships, all the good things in life.

My question would be,

On a job application with your pardon firmly in place, when filling out the application form for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police position, you get asked,” do you or have you ever had a criminal record?”

Would you answer yes or no to that question?

No, would mean that if an institution dug deep enough and they did dig up something of your past they would now accuse you of falsifying a legal document. Then you’re in deep do-do.  If you say yes, way way back before the caveman, and yes I have paid my debt and have been totally exonerated of my past dirty deeds.

Could they still hold that against you? Could you still get a high paying government job? With a past or current criminal record even with a pardon, you could still be limited to certain jobs?

Government jobs as an MP, PRIME MINISTER OR PRESIDENT of U.S.A or child welfare would be totally out. (I think?) There are many high profile positions  that companies or government agencies would do a thorough back ground and security check on you. By having a pardon you will eliminate most of your problem.

That’s a question you would want to ask a Pardon Lawyer.

Did you also know, your criminal record is public domain?

skeletons in your closet

Do you have skeletons in your closet?

Did you know your criminal record is public domain, public information to anybody that wants or is interested in spending the fee to pull your file? And as the story goes, even with a pardon, and yes, now your record is squeaky clean and hidden from public scrutiny, someone, digging hard enough can still come up with your past dirty deeds. (depending on the severity of the crime)

And I’m sure some Politicians aren’t squeaky clean either. They too probably have skeletons in their closet. They just never told anyone.

How would I go about getting a pardon?

Here are a few web addresses that could help you be an honorary citizen again.


Information On, “Do Other Country Have Pardons “



Most Powerful L Canadian Lawyer’s


Google, how to get on the Donald Trump’s pardons list, it would be a faster way to go.


∞ Short Pardon Story ∞

Many years back this nice looking lady came up to me at my work place. She introduces herself as a RCMP officer and that she was from the Canadian Government Pardons Office.

She spoke in a very soft voice; I never, ever suspected she was a law enforcement officer.The lady spoke like we were old time buddies. Through the conversation, she mentioned a friend of mine was applying for a pardon. This was one of the procedures our government  go through to see if the person in question deserves a pardon.

Laughing, I asked her which one of my “bad actor friends” was going for a clean slate.  The person on my list of friends, the least I would have ever suspected had the criminal record.

RCMP lady asked a few simple question like, “how long have you known this person, and on a personal level” “what did I think of him as a upstanding citizen.” Silly questions really, 20 minutes from start to finish of the questions, she was gone and he got his pardon shortly after.

I would like to think in a small way I helped him get his pardon. He turned out to be a Minister of a local Church and oversees many of the church projects. On Sundays, he always had interesting stories to tell his congregation.

Good Luck on your Pardon!



Canada’s Prime Minister is pardoning thousands for bad guys with drug related offenses do to the latest law change?

United States Presidents, pardon hundreds of people in their term in office, some Presidents, thousands.

“Do research on how to get on the list of Pardons?”


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