good luck gesture with athletes

“GOOD LUCK Gesture “

Can Olympic Athletes be on a Natural Adrenalin High Can the Olympic Committees check for natural body creating energy? We all know that adrenalin rush can’t be measured, the vigor …  it can’t be seen, it’s just there.

 2018 Olympics have come and gone and what a show!

Couldn’t help but notice,  at the top of the ski runs, the skiers lining themselves up to give it their all, and overcame a coach or a friend, giving them a big hug, bunting of the fists, wishing them good luck. The 2 and 4 man bobsleighing teams, all hands touched, wishing themselves good luck… All the way through the games, well-wishers were sharing their energy. They gave that person an edge, a little extra of your energy that they needed to pull it off. You can’t measure it with a blood test; you can’t test it through chemical analysis. It’s just there.

Can Olympic Athletes be on a Natural Adrenalin High that can’t be measured?

2 athletes wishing good luck gesture


That athlete just got a little extra adrenalin fix from a well-wisher, but then,  you have to wonder, we all give each other handshakes, big hugs, and a pat on the back. Do we all do it for a deep-down unknown reason? Is it just a tradition or is there more to it? The sharing of good energy could be a power booster.

The athletes are already pumped; they trained long and dedicated hours to just qualify to be at the Olympics. I’m not just talking about our Canadian Olympians, but all the hard-working athletes from around the world.  These dedicated people are already on a natural high and that extra bit of positive energy from a well-wisher might just have been enough to win that gold.

And that’s all they needed is an adrenalin fix.

two fist butting

Good Luck

The pure energy that is produced in a stadium full of well-wishers can’t be measured, it’s just there.  Whether it’s our home countries’ team or not, we all feel sadness for an athlete that just didn’t make it or worst-case scenario, getting hurt.  We might yell a little louder for our own homegrown team but overall, we root for all other teams as well. So the energy you can’t measure, it’s just there, passed on from one to the other.

These athletes dedicated their young lives to be the best and more importantly, they brought the world together for one short period of time. You made us all proud.

That’s what the Olympics is all about.  Eh!

For those athletes that don’t play fair, then, they should not be amongst the real hard-working Athletes that do.

See you at the Olympics in 2021