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S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Heat Reflective Emergency Blanket

This space-age material has a sole purpose and that is to keep you warm. It’s more durable than Mylar and this blanket resists tearing and shredding like other blankets if nicked or punctured.

A true ultra-light multifunction back-country tool is a must-have. This S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Heat Reflective Emergency Blanket can be used as a ground cloth, gear cover, first aid blanket, and much more.

Being an outdoors-man, I can see the benefit of this type of a thermo blanket however I have never needed it in an emergency situation.” Just wrapping this blanket around you, you can instantly feel the warmth of your own body.

And yes, I do have an Emergency Blanket in my survival kit … just in case.

Now having read the specs and going on Amazon’s web site, there are many thermo blankets out there claiming to do all the same things.

In theory, I believe their sole purpose is to keep you warm and they, look to do just that. Is one better than the other? … Do manufacturers claim there is a big difference, but are they really different?

Would I recommend one over the other, well if all we’re concerned with is an emergency blanket for the car in case of an emergency, I don’t think? SO.

My perspective is anyone of these solar blankets could help save your life in a pinch.  And it’s not something you would need on a regular basis, so, heavy-duty and expensive would be overkill.

But having said that, if we’re using a thermo blanket often enough and under extreme condition, regular out-door enthusiasts per-say, then yes, a heavier more durable blanket would be advised. They would, in fact, be designed to take a little more punishment.

But for the emergency kit in your car, the least of your worries would be if the blanket would survive your ordeal.

Buy with that in mind and hopefully, you will never need it, but one time versus camping (all the time) means the difference in cost and durability.

Would I recommend this Survive Outdoors  Emergency Blanket in your survival or emergency kit in your car? “Absolutely”

Keep that in mind. They all can be bought through Amazon.Ca or Amazon .com

There you have it, my product review on S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Heat Reflective Emergency Blanket

Customer Comments

  • Used this blanket to melt 3L of snow using solar energy in just over an hour. Does it job very well in reflecting heat? Also very versatile, my main use for this blanket is as a groundsheet, but I can think of many other uses. Practically weighs nothing and is durable enough for my needs (a bit more so than an extra-strong garbage bag).
  • the product description makes it seem like the material for each of the variations of these blankets is the same: strong like a tarp with a reflective side. This is not the case. Only the all-season and sports utility models are like that. The other models, including the emergency blanket that I bought, are thin smooth plastic sheets with none of the grid ribbing like the pictures in the description. They look just like the thin space blankets. They may, in fact, be slightly thicker, but I don’t have a space blanket to compare.
  • Sûrement un très bon produit aux vue des autres commentaires,je les ai acheter pour moi ma conjointe et une pour nos enfants en cas d’urgence.Esperant ne pas avoir besoin de les utilisé 😉

4 out of 5 Star Rating

Its sole purpose is to keep you warm in case of an emergency or … when you’re just out in the wild. You can buy this S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Heat Reflective Emergency Blanket at Amazon.Ca or

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