Why Do Bullies Pick On Me PART 2

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Why do Bullies pick on me you ask yourself? “Part 2” Now that’s a reasonable question if you’ve been the bullied. Bullying culture has been around forever and bullies, will always pick on somebody, and today, it’s your turn.

One person is smart, and the other has to try real hard to learn the same. One person seems to go through life with very few bumps, some it’s like driving down a bumpy gravel road. What we all should be taught at an early age, that, it’s ok to be different.  We all travel different paths. All of us are unique in our own way, and “one of a kind.” And that’s the best part.

Although the bullying culture “is not” and should not be accepted in today’s society, there can be another way to look at the bullying culture and why this behavior will never go away.

Why do Bullies pick on you, you ask?

As a kid being bullied in school and being on that side of the fence and knowing firsthand how it felt and how it affected my life, I used to say, “Things could have been different,” or I would ask myself, “why me?”

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“Why did Bullies pick on me?”

But in the end, I let the bullying happen, and it is not entirely the buyer’s fault. But no, that’s not right either. Things could not have been any different.

I have given that part of my life a lot of thought. I wasn’t the only one being picked on and, it wasn’t just the one school that had bullies. Was it me trying to fit in with the wrong crowd or just shunning them all together and not bothering with them?

Even at that young age, I knew I had nothing in common with that type of person or group. Why would I want them as friends?

That, in some cases, would infuriate persons that wanted to be “somebody’s,” and me by shunning them would not help the issue of them liking me or being “accepting” into their … “group.” These people wanted to be noticed by everybody in the school, good, bad, or ugly.

I believe then, and still today, you’re either a leader or a follower, but having said that … I was neither.


The web site, “Health Direct” explains their thinking this way.

There are different reasons why people bully, including:

  • wanting to dominate others and improve their social status
  • having low self-esteem
  • having a lack of remorse or failing to recognize their behavior as a problem
  • feeling angry or frustrated
  • struggling socially
  • being the victim of bullying themselves
  • Some people who bully are tough and strong. Other bullies might be popular but thoughtless, rather than deliberately hurtful. Bullies are more likely to have lifelong issues such as depression or problems with aggression.

They believe early treatment can prevent this from happening.


WHY DO PEOPLE want to be a BULLY?

What possesses a person to want to be domineering and force their WILL over another? Is it their personality, wanting attention from everybody anybody.

In the grand scheme of things and me being bullied at school, well, it went down the way it was supposed to, and this is my reason for thinking that.

The second explanation of bullying is still not accepted in our society, but it is another answer and different way to look at the bullying problem.

New wave believers believe” you were put on this planet to learn lessons. The belief is, to be equal with your creator, you need to learn lessons, lots of lessons. Their thinking is, you cannot learn all that you have to learn in one lifetime. that’s why they believe there is such a thing as reincarnation. Their thinking is, you never really die, you just keep coming back to learn more lessons. Experiment on different levels as you will, so could that mean you were born to be a bully?

It is your Karma, and in this lifetime based on past deeds, it’s your destiny.

Only if you believe in that, but it is an answer.

And on my part in that equation, maybe the bully had lessons to learn by me being … bullied.

In my case, did I have lessons to learn by being bullied, you ask yourself “how possibly could you put a positive spin on being bullied?”  But, did it make me stronger as a person in life, or angrier at the world? Did that bump in the road weaken me? Maybe, but I had lessons to learn also.

Why do Bullies pick on you, you ask?

Did I need a toughening up? Maybe, and looking back, I would say YES.

I knew at an early age life was not going to be easy, and even then, I knew I had to learn to roll with the ups and down to survive.

I look back and think I needed those times for “my personal growth.” I did need toughening up.

Would I thank those people today for beating the crap out of me? Definitely not!  I could have learned my lessons differently, but that’s the way it went down, and I rolled with the punches as they say.

Don’t weaken and don’t get depressed over being bullied. It is not acceptable behavior in our way of life, and the bullies are the ones that are wrong.

In the grand pupa of things, there is a reason why you were bullied. You just don’t know and, maybe you never will.

  • If I’m right about Karma and coming back in another lifetime to learn new lessons, would I come back in another lifetime to experience to be a bully? Nah, that’s not me to be a bully,
  • But a different person might think so,

What is it like to be the dominant, the big bully on the block? When I come back in another lifetime, I’m coming back a bully, not the person being bullied? Would that be an answer? Maybe, not really … “But maybe.”But that could be the case,

When you see people being bullied,

  • Don’t turn your head like you never seen it.
  • Don’t take videos and show them on social media to your so-called friends because all that shows to the world is,

“WHAT KIND OF A PERSON YOU ARE.” And you’re, “not any better.”

We all have to treat this bullying behavior in collective thought.


There Is Not A Strong Enough Penalty For A Person With This Behavior.

 Educators have to treat the bullying culture differently, you have to go at the problem from another angle now that we understand, that there could be a different reason.


 My Advice

  • My only advice to the person being bullied, “As hard as it is to go through the trauma of bullying and not knowing why they pick on you.” Do not let it change you, “You Are Unique, One Of A Kind Person.” Do not let them weaken you. You might wonder where you fit in, in the grand scheme of things, but trust me, you do.

Bullies have lessons to learn in this lifetime and “SO DO YOU.”

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