Does time have an expiration date?

evolution of the automobile

Start with a bicycle “100 years later” back to the Bicycle

The question is, does everything have an expiry date? Surely you must have given it a little thought. You must have noticed many things come and go in your life. It had to have crossed your mind at least once. Does time itself have an expiry date? I think, yes.

author of sixpaque.caThe question is, is there a universal cosmic rule? If there is a beginning, there must be an end.

 Does that rule even have a timeline? Interesting thought, though!

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Rare Ancient Star Head Piece Topper

crescent moon

For Sale is an unusual and Rare Ancient Crescent Moon & Star headpiece, possibly come off of a royalty tent post or staff headpiece (topper) of sorts.

Research shows the star and crescent is a symbol of the former Ottoman Empire and began being used in the second half of the 18th-century. The decision to have a national flag was decided as part of reforms to modernize the Ottoman state instead of contemporary European states.

My research shows it comes from the Middle East, Turkey area, and possibly go back as far as the Old Ottoman Era.

turkey flagThe Turkish Flag today has some similarities.

Descriptions with pictures

Two hand-forged brass pieces with two steel peened over rivets holding the two sections together.

It looks to be a brass type material.

This is a blacksmith work of art … I did see some small amounts of file markings.

I have no history on this headpiece other than the collector was from Ireland and collected old artifacts from Eastern Europe.

Topper on top of a Mosque1 st (appraiser) Gabriela R…….z thought

I advertised this headpiece and had different opinions about what it is. Here is one collector that had a satisfying answer, and after saying this, she thought it was worth a lot of money.

She said, let me tell you a bit about the headpiece.

It was forged in two different molds made of bentonite, a type of clay, sand, and carbon dust. Then of coerce they hammered down and intricately embossed and gilded wether in gold powder, silver, or palladium. But it was forged in 1410 by a Greek Smith in Anatolian area the middle star has a symbol that the owner wanted outlined that he was a General and mediator between Ottoman rule and the Christian Orthodox community last name or by-name Demurcu. Now at least you know a bit more about it. Thank you I wish you could find its price though I KNOW IT WOULD BE MORE THAN I COULD PAY.

2 st (appraiser) thought

Hakan C…n from Turkey noted.

She says she saw this same kind of metal works in Dervish Lodges in Turkey. Its name “ALEM” in Turkish language, there is similar in metropolitan museum in New York City


  • Dervish Lodges was built in 1491 and houses a museum; the Yenikapi Dervish Lodge which opened as Istanbul’s largest lodge in the 16th century and is set on beautiful rolling grounds with a cemetery populated by Ottoman-Era sultans; and the Bahariye Dervish lodge
  • Sultans
  • According to the Encyclopedia of World Religions.

Sufis believe that: “the human spirit being a direct emanation from the divine Command, is, therefore, an emanation of God himself, and could find its highest aim only in the obliteration of its illusory selfhood and absorption into the Eternal Reality.

This piece could be a HISTORICAL find

FOR SALE please inquire for more pictures.



Why Do Bullies Pick On Me PART 2

Stop Bullying header

Why do Bullies pick on me you ask yourself? “Part 2” Now that’s a reasonable question if you’ve been the bullied. Bullying culture has been around forever and bullies, will always pick on somebody, and today, it’s your turn.

One person is smart, and the other has to try real hard to learn the same. One person seems to go through life with very few bumps, some it’s like driving down a bumpy gravel road. What we all should be taught at an early age, that, it’s ok to be different.  We all travel different paths. All of us are unique in our own way, and “one of a kind.” And that’s the best part. Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Disease and Who Can Get It?

Alzheimer's Society Header


Alzheimer’s is an uncommon form of dementia, and the understanding is, Alzheimer’s disease can affect males, females, young, old and it doesn’t discriminate by ethnic groups, race or religion. But having said that, for the most part, according to the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada, it begins after age 60-65 years.

“The Older Generation Seems To Be More Vulnerable”

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