Online Storage or Live Auction.

A real slump in Auctions

storage auction and flea marketThere’s been a slump in our regular live auctions lately and I guess the baby boomers. aren’t retiring and downsizing like they have in the past. There’s been a good run of quality items for that very reason … well…  I”ll just have to wait for the second wave.

Plan B

So, I’ll go to plan B, that’s what I’ll have to do, go back to my favorite, the Storage Auctions.

You know the reality show that you watch on TV. You know, where the auction junky finds a fortune by sticking their bare hands into an unknown container of?

That part is just silly, Eh!

For a blog writer, if you are ever in a slump for something to write and you need inspiration, check out the storage locker circuit. Some of the lockers have a lot of good, bad or ugly stories to tell.

Open the door to a nice, neat looking boxes, and a couch and chair which are surgically wrapped in plastic Or, open the door and it’s as if somebody stood in the doorway and just threw the items in. (Now there is one upset person)

Taking the fun out of the auctions

A lot of these locker auctions are now being sold online with only a couple of terrible looking pictures to go by.

So, buying these lockers is not for everybody.

Live storage auctions were bad enough before with only a flashlight to find your prize, so, number one rule at those auctions is to bring a really good flashlight and a good imagination.

Now,… how do these companies expect you to bid on something with a blacked out picture that’s taken upside down?

You have to be either stupid or nervy.

Must be a lot of nervy people out there,  the online delinquent storage business is doing good, so, call me “Nervy”

But, these delinquent lockers could be a lot of work, and did I say … you’re bidding on these lockers with very lousy photos.

As we speak I spot this large locker with skids. Why would they pay $700? rental a month to store skids? And why would somebody buy these skids? No money in skids! So. Call me stupid.

“I just bought a job “

I did find some gold once…  I think?

“Future POST” Finding gold in a storage locker.

Anyway, …

It’s not for everyone.

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Storage Wars Locker Auction Warriors

So you want-to-be storage locker Warriors/picker, then there are a few things you should know …. “The man with the most gold DOES win” but beyond that the excitement of the unknown …. What’s inside that dresser, …. do you think that toolbox is full, ???. That big 52 In. box the TV comes in, could they have left that big screen behind? … Did they or didn’t they, that gets my blood flowing faster than hang gliding…


Now the downside …the excitement of the auctioneer blurping out the numbers like he was in overdrive, well some do and some don’t.  In most cases that don’t happen, it’s very dry and in some cases “borrrring” and with all the reality TV programs there has been an influx of people wanting to do the storage auction circuit, The gold, the old antiques, hopefully, all the money you’re going to make right. ???

But in all reality, some of these delinquent locker owners have fallen on bad times and might not have left you a lot of gold. Some, if any valuables might have been removed by the owner and left you …  the rest,  if you know what I’m saying. …. By the way, a lot of people would bid on this picture/locker.

There are many reasons why the lockers were abandoned, divorces, overcrowding at home downsizing–home to an apartment, death, company closing, but the one that I like the best is the job relocation. The people always plan on coming back, but in some cases don’t find it feasible, so they just abandon the locker.

In the TV program, they cut the lock and you know it’s all for TV hype, all the ones I’ve gone too …we unlock the door with utmost precision with no hype, no drum roll!

Since the TV program American Storage Wars and the Canadian Storage Wars version there have been a lot of newbie’s, new faces, most being caught up in the drama and in my opinion, paying far too much for their lockers, so what do I say ….

“buyer beware and look real hard” and bring a good flashlight.

Buyer Beware

Before the TV program come out most locker companies had trouble finding buyers and many had to dispose and clean out the units themselves at their expense. Now people are coming out of the woodwork to buy these delinquent lockers and, paying good money. Good for the storage companies because they have every right to recoup their rental losses.

But I have noticed that SOME of the unscrupulous storage/locker companies have been taking advantage of the situation and are using some of the auctioned lockers to get rid of their unwanted items, so again buyer beware and buy wisely.

Me …… I have a little Gipsy in me & buying and selling is in my blood. I enjoy the unknown; the hunt and hopefully I don’t go broke buying too many bad lockers.

Tip …. Set a price in mind, and what you want to pay, and that goes for any auction STORAGE, ONLINE or OTHERWISE and be smart and don’t go over that price because things happen fast. Remember, by walking away, you still have your money.

If this tells you anything … “One Day I had to take 5 trailer loads to the dump from one locker”. Who would pay good storage fees to store garbage? And who would be stupid enough to pay to take it
away ….. “ME”

Don’t get caught up in all the TV Auctions … It’s just Good Entertainment.

Watch for a part two.

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Remembrance Day Must See Movies

I had to write something about Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day Lest we Forget

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is the day we honored our Fallen and brothers in arms for all their sacrifices.

TV documentaries, war movies are as close as many of us will see about the horrors of war and in most cases, it all has to do with our side and what our service people have been through, that’s OK.  But I have to wonder with all these conflicts there is the other side that is going through the same emotions,  through the same hell as our soldiers.  You read the daily news about North Korea and all these other hot spots in the world and it is a constant reminder that wars will not go away. Technology rapidly changes but our mentality, well ……   IT JUST DOESN’T.

So there I sat, not physically well that day so I was watching a couple of old war flicks as a reminder of the fallen. Some are very interesting movies from across the pond that you might not have seen before. Very doubtful these movies were ever made in Hollywood; they portray ordinary people, thrown into a conflict that they have no control over, these people have the same 24 hrs, 7 days a week, they have families that love them, they are fathers, mothers. They hurt the same way as you and me. So I picked these movies to remind me that there is nothing glamorous about the war on either side and I think these movies portray just that. There is a message to be learned in some of these films.

I had to share these titles with anybody interested in the stories about “what happened on the other side.”

  • (Das Boot)    meaning “The Boat” in German WW2 flick … The old movie about the U boat Submarine crew, it was quite popular around the 1980s
  • (The Front Line)    North and South Korean War and how many died over a “hill”.
  • (My Way)   (must see) War film about what 2 soldiers went through during the time the Japanese occupation of Korea and then into the big war.


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