Curiosity and Oddities

Curiosity and Oddities Collecting

Curiosity and Oddities

The Least You Should Know Series is about collecting anything, but this post is about collecting something entirely different. It’s still a passion for many a collector, but it’s not your run of the mill type Royal Doulton Figurines, or Tiffany Lamps. Some of you would find collecting beautiful China a little on the boring side. That’s why in this post is for you, it’s about Curiosity and Oddities Collecting. Let’s say this subject matter is a little out of the normal realm of, piggy bank collecting.

Curiosity and Oddities Collecting is Odd.

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Collecting Model Trains

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Collecting Model trains is a wonderful hobby and well past time. The fun on model trains has been around for at least more than a century now. Since then miniature model trains are considered one of the most interesting collections, collectors could ever have. Did I say its a good stress reliever for you 9 to 5 people?

Although the concept of model-train sets sounds modern, they actually go back to at least 1910s

Not only are the model train collectors awed and amused by these items. Bystanders and observers are also particularly attracted to such collectibles, as seen in many train exhibits’ and collector events.

model train event

Because model trains are light in structure, they are considered miniature versions of real trains. Many kids and the general senses find the mistake of referring model trains, as toys.

However, serious model train collectors and fanatics firmly refuse to call and classify their collections as ‘TOYS’.

For these people, model trains are far from being considered mere toys for several clear and practical reasons. First, model trains are far too expensive to be considered toys. These items have real mini engines and operated by power or electricity coming from electric current sources, batteries and yes, even gasoline.

Being they have real engines; they are prone to rail accidents just as real trains are. When such trains are damaged, there are special knowledgeable people who are able to repair these tiny treasures should the need arise. Therefore, such items need special care and attention especially if the model train is extravagant and expensive.

Model trains collection is not just a simple hobby nowadays. People are starting to refer to the activity as a form of a sector. Model trains are collected not just for leisure or for fun. Some people collect model trains toronto model train show as a source of potential income source.

So, the question would be, what are the most valuable model trains.

The spectacular 1906 Marklin train set, with a locomotive that puffs real steam as it chugs round 220ft of track, it’s expected to attract bids of up to £100,000 at Christie’s in South Kensington England. And that was in December 2001.

Do your research, “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”

So, how do I Identify and start collecting Rare Model Trains? the creater software book cover

Every collector surely aims to find and collect the best model trains sold on the market. Here are several simple guidelines that would help you find good model trains in the market.

– Go to as many train shows and events as possible; ask for advice or recommendations from your peers and from other (link) model train collectors/vendors. They would surely have tips and recommendations about the retailers or distributors that are selling good and durable model trains.

The LEAST YOU SHOULD KNOW we give helpful hints about Collecting, anything

If you are into buying and collecting model trains, the first concern you should face is how you could buy good items that are worth including in your collection. Good trains not only look good and attractive, but they would also bring extra valuable, both buying and selling. The trains and accessories are so durable, they logically are expected to last a long time, if not forever. (Märklin, American Flyer, Dorfan, Lionel) are all well-known train manufacturing companies.

Did you know, you can customize your train layout with buildings, scenery, etc?  The sky is the absolute limit to what you can buy for your new hobby.

link to Montreal Train show

Always Check Your Pocket Book . . . Do Not Spend More Than Your Means.

As I said in all my other posting  on collecting “The Least You Should Know” series of 50 I mention we are action junkies at heart, and what I have noticed threw out our travels that train related item go reasonably cheap and you know why….. Because, most people do not have enough knowledge on the subject of identifying wanted and vintage collectible train sets that are worth large.

Do your research, “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”

So, know that I got you interested.  Hopefully, I arming you with more knowledge on, what to look for and what not to do.  Now, you’re ready for your new found hobby or potential business. And remember; go to as many (link) shows as you can get your feet wet as they say.

SO… “Let’s get cracking, O, THAT’S THE EGG COMMERCIAL”  Eh

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Avro Arrow Part 3

treasure hunter

treasure hunter

Searching THE OCEAN FOR THE AVRO ARROW (part 3) and as Chris Bateman stated in his 2012 article, the search continues for something, anything of Canada own scrapped Avro Arrow CF-105 Interceptor jet fighter..

This is the 3rd article of 3 installments  “History and downfall of the “Avro Arrow” 

These “die-hard” Avro Arrow treasure hunters like “John Burzynski”  just wouldn’t let it go, almost 60 years after the fact.  “GET OVER IT”!


These hunters are searching off Toronto harbor in Lake Ontario, and they’re searching the St. Lawrence, off Prince Edward County. These people will go anywhere where there is rumored to have been Avro airplane parts stashed, thrown out, or dumped in the water.

(On the four corners of the earth, MAYBE?),

With today’s high technology sonar’s, specialized equipment to map the ocean floor, see what no man has seen before, they might even have a chance of finding something of the fated project

At the time of this posting, this was the latest picture from the “OEX RECOVERY GROUP INC” which is one of the major sponsors of a project. This company is scouring the depths of the water RAISE THE ARROW EXPEDITIONfor the famed Avro and their website shows even more findings and insight of the of the canceled failed project.

But, it’s a lot of water.

As these interesting stories go, when the hammer came down on (Black Friday, October 14, 1959) cancellation day of our CF-105 Jet Fighter, and people finally got over the shock that it wasn’t just a bad Friday joke, and they realized,  our government was totally serious in shutting the project down, some went to work on disposing of all their blood sweat and tears as per instruction from the government.

Our fearless leaders said, “WE WANT EVERYTHING Gone”.

They ripped and they tore the planes apart. They run over a perfectly workable jet fighter with forklifts. Heavy equipment smashing these large planes into small pieces, just to be melted down for scrap metal. Our prime minister wanted nothing left. Even the molds, tooling, gone.

Anything that went to scrap yards or to the landfill was totally looked over by guards that in fact, made sure everything was disposed of as per government wishes and nobody took any souvenirs?  “Right”

Paperwork, blueprints. GONE

The rumor has it that some of these planes on the assembly line were almost completed and some had no engines.  Workers strapped booster rockets on their backs and shot these frames into the air towards the open water, never to be reclaimed from the Sea again.

Are these Bounty Hunters for Treasures or Historians looking for the famed Avro Arrow plane parts?

Having said that, these bounty hunters with enough money and electronics will eventually find something, anything, but for


Our previous Prime Minister John Diefenbaker  was serious


I believe he was strong-armed and that canceling the project wasn’t totally his decision.

Vintage planes and Avro Arrow

Vintage Planes and Avro Arrow

Did I say, this plane Canada built in the Late 1950s was capable of doing Mach 2+?  No other plane in the world could reach that speed. Putting this in perspective, this was only 5 years after the Great War; Armed Forces around the world were still using propeller (prop) aircraft.

The story by Chris Bateman is a few years old, but have recently heard that these treasure hunters by the “OEX RECOVERY GROUP INC” “have not given up”. In fact, the latest is, these people are even looking in more unspoken and unsuspected places.

PLEASE CHECK THIS LINK   for the latest find

Like our ex-prime minister, this group,  maybe other history buffs like “Arrowheads” are committed to finding some remanence of the project. I believe Canada’s future was robbed from us, and even though that period in time is gone, we should always guard against outside influences.

Canada’s safety, security, our future is at stake.     Eh


Please check out my 1st, 2nd and now 3rd part to this story.




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