Canadian Born Adam Macleod, The story of Miracle Healing

 Dr. Adam McLeod and 5 books by Dreamhealer

Canadian Born Adam McLeod, The story of Miracle Healing

This is a product review of a DreamHealer Series of 5 SELF HEALING BOOKS . Canadian Born Adam McLeod and the story of Miracle Healing.  This review should be a no brainer because I believe in what he shares with the public. The 5 books are written in a way to make people aware of their self-healing powers through “intent”, and yes, that can make a difference to their own well being, and the product review on these books, STARTS HERE.

Adam Macleod was born in British Columbia Canada and is a world-renowned lecturer and author of 5 bestselling SELF HEALING BOOKS, DVD and e-books. Subjects include Self Empowerment and Natural Healing through Intent. Continue reading