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Collecting Model trains is a wonderful hobby and well past time. The fun on model trains has been around for at least more than a century now. Since then miniature model trains are considered one of the most interesting collections, collectors could ever have. Did I say its a good stress reliever for you 9 to 5 people?

Although the concept of model-train sets sounds modern, they actually go back to at least 1910s

Not only are the model train collectors awed and amused by these items. Bystanders and observers are also particularly attracted to such collectibles, as seen in many train exhibits’ and collector events.

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Because model trains are light in structure, they are considered miniature versions of real trains. Many kids and the general senses find the mistake of referring model trains, as toys.

However, serious model train collectors and fanatics firmly refuse to call and classify their collections as ‘TOYS’.

For these people, model trains are far from being considered mere toys for several clear and practical reasons. First, model trains are far too expensive to be considered toys. These items have real mini engines and operated by power or electricity coming from electric current sources, batteries and yes, even gasoline.

Being they have real engines; they are prone to rail accidents just as real trains are. When such trains are damaged, there are special knowledgeable people who are able to repair these tiny treasures should the need arise. Therefore, such items need special care and attention especially if the model train is extravagant and expensive.

Model trains collection is not just a simple hobby nowadays. People are starting to refer to the activity as a form of a sector. Model trains are collected not just for leisure or for fun. Some people collect model trains toronto model train show as a source of potential income source.

So, the question would be, what are the most valuable model trains.

The spectacular 1906 Marklin train set, with a locomotive that puffs real steam as it chugs round 220ft of track, it’s expected to attract bids of up to £100,000 at Christie’s in South Kensington England. And that was in December 2001.

Do your research, “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”

So, how do I Identify and start collecting Rare Model Trains? the creater software book cover

Every collector surely aims to find and collect the best model trains sold on the market. Here are several simple guidelines that would help you find good model trains in the market.

– Go to as many train shows and events as possible; ask for advice or recommendations from your peers and from other (link) model train collectors/vendors. They would surely have tips and recommendations about the retailers or distributors that are selling good and durable model trains.

The LEAST YOU SHOULD KNOW we give helpful hints about Collecting, anything

If you are into buying and collecting model trains, the first concern you should face is how you could buy good items that are worth including in your collection. Good trains not only look good and attractive, but they would also bring extra valuable, both buying and selling. The trains and accessories are so durable, they logically are expected to last a long time, if not forever. (Märklin, American Flyer, Dorfan, Lionel) are all well-known train manufacturing companies.

Did you know, you can customize your train layout with buildings, scenery, etc?  The sky is the absolute limit to what you can buy for your new hobby.

link to Montreal Train show

Always Check Your Pocket Book . . . Do Not Spend More Than Your Means.

As I said in all my other posting  on collecting “The Least You Should Know” series of 50 I mention we are action junkies at heart, and what I have noticed threw out our travels that train related item go reasonably cheap and you know why….. Because, most people do not have enough knowledge on the subject of identifying wanted and vintage collectible train sets that are worth large.

Do your research, “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”

So, know that I got you interested.  Hopefully, I arming you with more knowledge on, what to look for and what not to do.  Now, you’re ready for your new found hobby or potential business. And remember; go to as many (link) shows as you can get your feet wet as they say.

SO… “Let’s get cracking, O, THAT’S THE EGG COMMERCIAL”  Eh

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Building War Ships in the Great Lakes

Short read on a warship stuck in ice.

Having read this story of a newly built Frigate “USS Little Rock”, it never even made it out to open seas, stuck in the St. Lawrence Seaway ice. That was an intriguing story to read on its own.

But where it was built surprised me the most.


The frigate was built by a shipbuilding company in Wisconsin USA, which by the way is in the top of the great lakes….  That I found interesting.

So doing a little research I learned this company has been building Warships for a long, long time. Again, surprise, given I remembered this story from years ago. All major shipbuilding in the great lakes would be disbanded, shut down, gone. And only by memory, it had something to do with homeland security. The only way, in our out of our lakes is through the St. Lawrence River to the open seas, and that by way, has a series of manmade locks to go through.

Building a warship and have it landlocked or (lake locked) in the great lakes would not be acceptable during any world confutations/disorder where they needed this armament.

History of shipbuilding in the lakes

Digging a little further on shipbuilding in the great lakes, it goes right back to the beginning of our 2 great nations. Canoes, wood structured steamers, taking freight and passengers up and down the lakes, Ore tankers where built here, fishing trawlers were built here. During the war of 1812, to the conflict of 2 great wars. ALL have a history of boat and shipbuilding in the lakes. But that part did not come as a surprise, during the two Great Wars, every shipyard contributed. If you were an iron factory and you were set up to make a propeller, that’s what you made.

A Small Town of Orillia Ont. made warships, and that was in small, lakefront, workshop (Hunter Boats) now gone but in its place is a beautiful boardwalk where the buildings once stood

Collingwood made Warships “Corvettes” and after the war effort, they made and serviced many lake freighters and ships.  All major Canadian shipbuilding is gone in the lakes and very few shipbuilding yards are left in all Canada as a whole, so it’s no wonder that I remember that story of no shipbuilding in the lakes. Just a rumor or maybe the story was, just meant, only on the Canadian side.  No building of ships in the great lakes ever.

Little History of WW2

Watching this article on the History Channel on how German U BOATS during WW2 would create havoc all along the eastern shores of the Americas, from Newfoundland, Canada, down to the Carolinas in the United States. The story also mentions that these German U Boats made their way up and down the St. Lawrence River, undetected, and in case you don’t know your Geography, that goes into our fresh water Great Lakes.

Divided by an imaginary line Canada on one side and the United States on the other, there are no International Waters.

If in fact their mission was to totally disrupt our shipping coming in and out of the lakes and I’m sure, those sailors could have done some very serious disruption. (I guess there only intent was to just drop off a few spies, listen to our brass band music) apparently, they were close enough.

If their mentality would be like the Warfare of today, in the sense of suicide missions and it didn’t really matter of getting back out to sea was a priority, and they just wanted to create as much damage and disruption as possible scenario, the outcome “could have different”

So, there is where I’m getting this crazy story from, and this is the first I have ever heard of a warship being built in these lakes. I’m sure it was never top secret, but I don’t think they did a lot of advertising of the fact.

I’m just going to have to get out more, smell the roses, or, at least find out more on shipbuilding on the Great Lakes.

Locked in ICE

USS Little Rock, locked in by Ice and can’t get out to open sea, still makes me think of my original thought. I mostly thought of foreign invaders, and it never even crossed my mind something as simple as ICE. Now having said that, if the Navy needed or wanted to get that ship out to sea, and in this day and age, it would not be impossible to make it happen, ice or no ice, a minor inconvenience at best.

On a lighter Note

On a lighter note, the American sailors on that ship could not have found a better place to be laid up for a month is in Montreal unless it was Quebec City, Canada, good cities to just, hang out.

“Don’t worry boys and girls, the Canadian ice will melt soooon.

So looking at the whole scenario of warships being built in the great lakes, I would think it would make a lot of economic sense to keep the money at home. Undisturbed sea lanes for sea trials, keep all our secrets at home and a thousand other good reasons that I haven’t even thought of. But I’m not quite convinced and still surprised no less of building WarShips in the great lakes.

I wonder if those ships are armed, ….  Just Asking.

Note, did you know-

After, the Second World War… Canada had the second largest Navy in the world.

Who would think?