Grand Bend Speedway Junior Drag Racers

Drag Racing

“Ah, SHIT HE SAYS” I want-da-race!”

Just a Fun Story! One hot Sunday afternoon we decided to head up to the drag strip at Grand Bend Speedway. As luck would have it that day they featured Junior Drag Racers.

The young racers were just about ready to do their thing when there was a loud bang, a cloud burst. It rained just long enough for the officials to momentarily call the drag race off.

The young drivers were dismounting from their tiny cockpits and this one 12-year-old -took his off helmet and drove into the ground” ah SHIT HE SAYS” I want to race.

God must have heard him cursing because a moment later clouds cleared, tarmac dried and in a matter of minutes, they were drag racing.

“Ah, SHIT HE SAYS” I want to race!

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Road Runner Barn Find

 Classic Car Barn FindRoad Runner Barn Find.  So you don’t believe in a barn find Eh? Here is another one of these true, classic car barn find stories, so trust me, you can still find them, and they’re still out there.  Now you ask yourself, how do I know this story is true? Well, this one is from a reliable source, the “Canadian Hot Rod Magazine”. And they believed it enough to put it on their front cover.

Classic car Barn Find story came from family, and they wouldn’t lie to a Kin . . . would they

author with a coronavirus on maskIn this barn find, well it was actually a garage find. The rumors have it that the cousin’s wife comes up to him and whispers in his ear. You’ve been good all these years, provided the family with all the niceties and “Now it’s your Time”.  That Camaro SS you always wanted, now is that time for you. My cousin got the word, “go and find your dream car she said.

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Well, the feelers are out, the word is out on the streets, “barn find” is on the move.  “After all these years I’m on the hunt for my favorite all-time car,” he says.  They looked and looked and then one day at the office, the wife was talking to her co-workers, “if any you ladies know where there is a classic car sitting, let me know”. OK. Well as the story goes, this lady in the next booth says, yeah, I have this beater in my garage and I want it OUT. “I want my garage back”

This classic car “#barnfind” was stored in this ladies  garage for

 “Thirty years, and I want it out, GONE “… She says!

If any car that has been sitting in a closed area, out of the weather for 30 years, that’s a pickers dream come true no matter what it was!

Next day, they lifted the garage door, all you saw were boxes, and then more boxes. Are you sure there something under there? I never moved anything she said. Pulled these boxes aside that have been accumulating all these years, piled up, stacked beside this lump, and after a few minutes of digging, they could finally see something that resembled a… car HOOD.

∞∞ After seeing the custom metal flake paint job on what they could see, “I’LL TAKE IT.” He yells out.

The car turned out to be a Plymouth Road Runner with a long history of a famous body shop in the area. I remember these guys “Chuck & Johns “body shop that’s come and gone. As a matter of fact,  they were the only ones in the area that did fancy paint jobs.

So, as well as it looked for being in storage for 30 years, very little work was needed to start and run this classic beauty. Sure, we all know that brakes, tune-up and the general repairs from sitting had to freshen up,  but overall it was as they say in the automotive industry,

“That was a good Score.”

So are these BARN FINDS or in this case a “GARAGE FIND” are they still around? I guess they are. Checkbarn find logo out my other read on (link) (the-most-unexpected-places-to-buy-things) “cars”.

“As of posting I just noticed one of our (link)  car club members brought in this 1957 T-BIRD, (Thunderbird) and by the looks of it, it needs a complete restoration. But another good example of a Barn Finds”                                                                                                    STAY TUNED. I will tell you all about this T-Bird, and where it comes from. . .  well, when I know.


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Finding gold at a Automotive Swap Meet

finding gold at a swap meet

Finding Gold At An Automotive Swap Meet Is Not Impossible.

You just never know what you’ll find at an automotive swap meet. As a vendor, I’m buying and selling at the spring Lancaster Automotive Swap Meet.

Take for example this one time I found a $250. The worth of gold in a plastic pill bottle tucked away in the unsuspecting place. And not just of any vendor’s table, it was right under my nose all along.

This gold story started at this twice-a-year Automotive Swap Meet event. This event like most is put on by Car Clubs to collect money for their much-needed local community charities. Continue reading