Roadside Winter Safety Kit from Amazon

Road safety kit for your car

Road Safety Kit for your Car

On my weekly Blog Posting, I was thinking of writing something different, something that I should share with my readers being it now officially winters in Canada. I am doing a product review on Roadside winter safety kits from Amazon. They are a “must-have” in your car at all times. We all know driving conditions and habits have to change in the winter and you have to be prepared for the unexpected and some form of emergency preparedness kit is a must. or has some amazing Roadside Winter Safety Kits available at this link.

In case you didn’t know it, Canada gets lots of snow, bad weather and everything in-between. (Every place above the 39th parallel, which by the way, covers a good part of the upper United States) so, you have to be prepared for winter.

Must-Have Winter Safety Kits for your Vehicle.

Having many years of being a truck mechanic and holding many trade credentials in the transport industry, I know a few things about road safety and preventive maintenance.

So here’s my take on the must-have winter safety items for your car, and all that can be bought at Amazon.Ca or Amazon.Com.

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Going through the Amazon Affiliate product catalog, looking for the best winter roadside safety kits available for Canadian winters, I asked myself what emergency safety tools or equipment would I endorse or … even recommend. Writing a review is not hard, but with all the products out there, which one is best?

Sure there are safety kits with 97 pieces in a fancy fold-up carrying case. 97 pieces that you could almost rebuild your engine with, (well, not really) but, an overkill no less for the average winter car mishap.

But do you believe like most people that more is better? What if you were in an accident and did not have access to your trunk? …  You know, that’s where you store your tool kits? (I mean Emergency Safety Kit.) What if you drive off the road in a storm and the car just stalls in a snowbank? It happens, and you’re stuck in the snow.

What are the best Emergency Roadside Winter Safety Kits to buy?

So getting stuck in the snow is not unusual for Canadian winters. Now what! No access to the trunk, you can’t open the doors, and the car will not start. There are many Emergency Roadside Winter Safety Kits available onLine, but what is the best? Giving this some thought, I’m not sure I would sway to the kits themselves and more towards individual items. These are my suggestions and why.

Important issues to consider for the safety of you and your family. “link”

  • If you are city driving you would think about having different safety tools, items, then if you were outside the city limits where there is less traffic and fewer people to help you.

But here are a few” must-have” suggestions on what’s in your Emergency Roadside Winter Safety Kits:

What you need to know is that the most important safety items should be at arm’s length. A good flashlight, a warm blanket, a window smasher with a seat belt cutter, and yes, even a silly candle. These are all individual pieces and can be bought through Amazon.

Those are my recommended “first line of survival tools” Just in case you run off the road or get stranded on the side of the road. They have to be close like in a driver’s door panel, driver’s sun visor, consul, or (in-between the seats,) CLOSE.

  • Did you know that a seat belt lock has small integral parts? They are a real feat of engineering in their own right, but as well built as they are, they can jam and not release at those moments you need them to release the most.

Sure a first aid kit would be a must, but we are talking about a stalled car in the snow. Keep warm is number #1 (BLANKET, WARM CLOTHES.)

I always have a WARMER JACKET in the car, heavy WARM BOOTS, and HAND WARMERS They should be an absolute must. They are all reasonably priced and available on Amazon Affiliate (LINK)

Below you’ll find links to the Product Reviews and Links to Amazon


(Product Preview)              

Window Smasher

(Product Preview)  

Hand Warmers

(Product Preview)  

Strong Flashlight with a strobe feature that attracts attention.

(Product Preview)              

Fold up a shovel, if you’re stuck in the snow.

(Product Preview

Other products to consider.

  • First aid kit
  • Candle to keep the car warm until help arrives, that you can buy at any dollar store or
  • Waterproof matches.
  • Let’s not forget the all-time favorite tool, the WINDOW SCRAPER. link

There are many “must-have” safety items out there but these are the ones I would consider first.

Did you also know that a lit candle will help you stay warm in a disabled car?


The priority list could be different if you commute out of town instead of city driving but some essentials you must have to stay safe in winter weather.

Roadside Winter Safety Kit from Amazon is a must-have for in your car.

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