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It’s no wonder the average person is baffled by what to buy in a Tactical flashlight, well your in luck, this is an honest Product Review on the iBester Tactical Flashlight by Amazon and why it’s one of the better ones to buy.

Flashlights come in 5 packs, 10 packs, they come with holsters, USP rechargeable, some come in fancy cases so you don’t damage the advertised unbreakable flashlight.

LED Flashlights to come in 800 lumens, 1000 lumens, 10000 lumens and higher, whatever that means. Eh!

But in ordinary language, those lumens numbers represent the brightness of the light. More is better, “it’s a guy thing.” But that is only true to a point. I had a light given to me for Christmas a few years back. It lit up the moon, if only you could see that far. That was overkill at its finest.

Most flashlights now-days are “LED”  and without getting into the specs, that means they’re reliable, bright and they don’t use a lot of battery power. LED’S are the new wave of lighting systems, they can be found in camp-style lights, a small penlight for your pocket, to key chain light and, every application in between, And that’s including household and industrial lighting.

iBester Tactical Flashlight

iBester Tactical Flashlight

The one I like the most is a Tactical Flashlight and as the story goes they were solely made for law enforcement and military applications, so they had to be reliable, bright and well built. Now, of course, you can buy any one of 50 different varieties of Tactical lights through Amazon, so you have to choose in the end.

But my choice is iBester Tactical Flashlight and this is why.

As a long-time Truck Mechanic by trade, this is my view on this iBester Tactical 1600 lumens Flashlight.  I have had many flashlights come and go. At work, you would not find me without one in my pocket, and the older I got, the more you would normally find, around me and “it’s not because I wore them out “ So, I know a few things about flashlights.

The ibester tactical flashlight Taclight as seen on TV has my thumbs up.

The first one I bought was a lot pricier than the asking price of Amazons iBester Tactical Flashlight. Not quite as high as the military, but pricey no less.

Remember you can’t judge an item by the price, paying more is not necessarily better.

I personally love this type of flashlight, and this is why I will endorse this make.

  • It has the smaller beam for close up and for a brighter light, there is a real wide-angle effect and is perfect for out in the wild.

I find the iBester Tactical light as the ad reads. This Flashlight has 5 handy different functions to choose from …  but so do most others.

So why this one?

As shown on Television, its waterproof, it shows a Humvee all-terrain truck driving over its space-age aluminum body without crushing it. That’s got to be good. Eh!

But stop everything, can you hear my wife interrupting my review on the iBester Tactical Flashlight and saying,


Does it work? That would be in most people’s minds. My wife doesn’t care if you throw it off the empire state building and, it still works.  Will it work when I need it?

# 1 Is it reliable? Yes

# 2 Are they bright? Yes

# 3 Are they durable? Yes

# 4 Do they have an emergency feature? Yes, “a strobe”

# 5 Can I use it for protection? Yes, “because they’re well built with space-age aluminum, which is Hard.”

# 6 Waterproof “for camping or out in bad weather?” Yes.

# 7 I heard the military pays $850 dollars for one flashlight. Are they cheaper? Yes! … a lot, lot cheaper.

Both the strobe and SOS feature should be a must for the average person in a stranded car, and a security feature for when you’re out walking your dog at night.

So there you have it. The strobe is a must, the SOS feature is a bonus, however, I don’t see the point with the strobe light feature.

Go to this Amazon Web Page and check out the different LED flashlights. And you will probably go to the –

The iBester Tactical Flashlight and It’s Just short of a 5-star rating, and that’s a good sign.

Customer reviews

* This past summer (July 2018) I bought similar flashlights but they were less powerful and flaky. I replaced them with these iBester 1600 Lumens units which turned out to be a good choice. They are well made and have good features. Great for when I walk the dog in the darkness of winter.
* After using the flashlights for 48 hours I placed an order for another 2 pack and ordered the 18650 batteries and charger at the same time.

* Very bright Flashlight. Very reasonable price. Highly recommended.

*I love it, very bright, light.

*I haven’t driven a truck over it to see how strong it is, but I drop it a few times and still working. Good buy for the price.

*I bought this for walks dog in the late evening when it is dark. The beam is far brighter than I imagined, it lights up a huge area so she can really see. The focused beam is nice for lighting up a much smaller area. It was smaller than I expected and so much lighter than most flashlights. Easy to carry, easy to use… I couldn’t ask for more.

So there is my opinion and review on iBester Tactical Flashlight.  However I have to admit, the only issue that I had after a long period of time was that the on-off switch gave me a little trouble. I wrote and asked the Sellers at Amazon if they fixed the problem with their iBester Tactical Flashlight Taclight and they assured me that they had no issues with their light.

Must have been the other brand.

So there you have it with my review folks. There are expensive ones out there that do the same job as this iBester Tactical Flashlight CREE XML-T6 LED “Taclight” BUT, you can buy this one at a fraction of the cost.

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