George Floyd and the Flu Virus That Only Kills Old People.

demonstrations with masks

In 2020 Black Lives Matter and Covid-19 both more or less happened at the same time. The New Year started off unlike any other.

China Shutting down Wuhan China in late 2019 because of a nasty flu virus they called it. And within months, the World Health Organization (WHO) declares it as a world Pandemic.

The order of the day, stay at home and stop the spread.

author with a coronavirus on maskThe shut down doesn’t sit well with some of the population and they are gathering and protesting, it’s against their human rights.

In and amidst the kayos of the pandemic comes a black man being caught on camera being detained by a cop. The policeman was using a widely used neck choke-hold. The black man died of suffocation and that caused instantaneously more civil unrest.

Bad Timing, but it only kills old people.

The riots & the protest around the world of the unfortunate death of George Floyd that started without hesitation of theBlack Lives Matter Movement,”

This protest was a long-overdue concern in most parts of the world, but — but, through all this, we should not forget about the deadly Covid-19 Epidemic creating havoc, but one lady saysIt only kills old people.” Right.

The tragedy over this man’s death should not ever be forgotten, and probably when (George Floyd,) name is spoken it will always be associated with two things.

#1 The death of another black man, and

#2 Second wave of Covid-19 at the same time.

Take, for example, nobody could have predicted the timing of the Black Lives Matter Movement, no more than the predicted Coronavirus Covid-19, where 6-foot distancing is mandatory and made into law.

But the Covid-19 was made into law no less and for a good reason. This epidemic has claimed 120,000 Americans’ lives and up to date, it’s affecting millions of people around the world.

This is serious shit.

Stay away from each other and stop the spread of Covid-19. Was a government order.

With these worldwide demonstrations, everybody is in close contact with each other and some you see wearing protection but most are not.

We should not forget this is a significant worldwide health risk at the same time of the unfortunate death of George Floyd.

The concern over the Coronavirus should still have been a thought in everybody’s mind, but isn’t.

A young lady in the Black Lives Matter crowd was asked, “Aren’t you worried about spreading the Covid-19 virus to anybody,” “no” she said, “It only kills the old people.

With the death of George Floyd and the Covid-19 that only kills old people. eh

If you, like a lot of people who believe in conspiracies, there is no world virus epidemic, well then, we have no worries.

But — if it is real and the Covid-19 can be spread through contact, then what better way than a tight-knit 5000 person protests.

Make no mistake if this Coronavirus is real; get ready for the second wave,

Timing is everything.

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Sorry, Ma … Did I give you the Covid-19 flu … but you know I had to protest the “Black Lives Matter” The virus only kills “Old People Anyway.” Eh!

Discrimination Black, White, native Indian, discrimination is alive & well in “All of Us” we have to watch where you point your finger. “But it only kills old people. Eh”


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