Do you believe in Coronavirus Conspiracies?

Could Coronavirus  Covid-19 be just a nasty flu bug like Trump says?  Or maybe a person sway’s towards conspiracies theories? (link)  With the latest on the Coronavirus, there’s lots of information misinformation out there. Some to most are misleading, but who do you believe? Does your government have a secret agenda or is it, just a nasty flu that goes around every year?

 Is China being upfront with the Covid-19?

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These same people that are starting these conspiracies (rumors) are pretty scrupulous; they’re getting wealthy on everybody hitting on these made-up stories “There never was a pandemic.” They say, it’s a diversion from the real problems or it’s only designed to kill old people. Now, that’s the best one I read.

But reading those conspiracies theory’s ─ you, do have to wonder, why Covid19,  is only killing the #oldpeople. “85 % affected and dying are from the older generation group.” (I can say old people because I am old)

Do you believe in conspiracies? Well, this pandemic has the makings of one. Some even believe that the all world governments are in on it.

Now, as these bogus stories are filling the social media sites — how true are they?

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Maybe these writers are smoking too many Canadian Dubbies  (link) and it’s clouding their thinking a little, or perhaps ─ the stories are true?

If you look at the whole situation in terms of economics, you know everything is wrapped around the dollar bill, save here spend there. It makes total sense to save where you can.

Please read Wearing a Coronavirus mask could be in Style.”

But is the older generation costing society too much money?  Can this Covid-19 virus, if it was generically made, purposely target the older generation or anybody with a health problem that’s a burden to the economy.

The Pharmaceutical industry manufacture designer drugs to help you cope with any ailment you might have. Why not designer drugs that only kill the venerable? That’s a scary thought considering were all going to get old one day and that’s what you have waiting for you, a flu bug designed to kill “old people” eh

Is the older generation considered a liability?

If that’s the case, I believe they have a term for that “Targeted Genocide.”

Like the lady says that’s demonstrating for the George Floyd Black Lives Matter Movement, (link)  We don’t worry; “it only kills the old people.” And that’s coming from the younger generation.

Maybe this Canadian author is smoking too much of his own homegrown Canadian finest, reefers (LINK) ──  coming up with something so asinine way of thinking, but I know this guy — he doesn’t smoke eh.

Do you believe in conspiracies? Could Coronavirus be just a nasty flu bug or a killer designer drug?  Maybe yes and, maybe, No

So now I’m updating my information on this deadly disease, the virus now has its sights on the young people, the same that were not affected by it early. The younger generation was under the impression it was only affecting old people, “but it’s not now.” If it was designed to kill old people … has it now mutated in a different direction that wasn’t planed? Maybe.

Covid-19 is showing signs of not discriminating.

Try And Prevent The Spread Of The CoronaVirus By Wearing Some Protection Like For Example Face-masks. Who Knows, They Could Be In Style One Day.

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